PhpStorm 3.0: Keep Your Code in Its Best Shape!

3.0 version brings quite a lot of new features and fixes, totaling to several hundreds of votes in our issue tracker, making the IDE smarter and easier to use than ever. Let us just highlight such things like PHP UML and Smart Duplicated Code Detector that together with integrated Profiler will keep your code in its best shape ;) Let's look inside 3.0:


PhpStorm helps developers to understand and change their code by providing editable UML class diagrams for PHP code. You can quickly examine your application structure, create and edit classes and their relationships. Look for "Diagrams..." in context menus. Many refactorings can be applied directly from the diagram, via the shortcut menu.

Note that a diagram built from a source control change list or history provides a semantic view of changes - added classes, changed hierarchy, and changed properties.

Profiler integration

You can profile your scripts right from PHPStorm with either Xdebug and Zend Debugger. You can see an aggregate report and jump from the execution statistics directly to the function in your PHP code.

New PHP formatting options

Full support to Zend, PEAR and other standards with new options in PhpDoc formatting:

  • Align parameter names
  • Align tag comments

and code alignment:

  • Align key-value pairs
  • Align consecutive assignments

VCS News

  • TFS Support added
  • Git: IDE now shows revisions graph

Platform Improvements

  • More streamlined UI across all modern OSes
  • Mac OS X Lion compatibility (including fullscreen)

Smart Duplicated Code Detector

Added for all major supported languages including even CSS and HTML. Go to Code|Locate Duplicates to start your quest against copy/paste coding. You'll be presented with a list of candidates for refactoring — and with the help of Refactor | Extract Method it's easy to keep your code DRY.

PHP Debugger Improvements

PHP Debug got 'Zero-Configuration' command line debugging and significant stability improvements via debugger side caching of evaluation.

PHP Run configurations got advanced settings for command line configurations (PHP Script, PHPUnit) and a new 'HTTP Request' configuration for ad-hoc debugging.

PHPUnit Testing Improvements

  • Fast switch between test/source is now available
  • Test generation improved
  • PHPUnit 3.6 support
  • Diff view of actual and expected values
  • Full support of all command line test runner options

JavaScript Enhanced

  • CoffeeScript
  • JavaScript Unit Testing support as a plugin

FTP/SFTP Sync Improved

  • Deployment support got a much-requested recursive comparison feature. Check out Sync with Local / Sync with Deployed context menu actions on folder nodes in Project view and Remote Host view.
  • Directories can be marked in web server configuration to exclude/include from transfer and indexing in project creation window.


XSLT 2.0 support and XSLT Debugger added.