Kotlin Heroes

29th of May, 2020 14:35 - 17:05 UTC

1st Place

Be one of the best of the best and win big prizes: $512 for 1st, $256 for 2nd, and $128 for 3rd place

Top 50

Be a top 50 ranking competitor and win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and an exclusive Kotlin sticker.


Get past the first task and you will be entered into a draw for one of 50 Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Be fearless.

Join Kotlin Heroes

2. Learn Kotlin

Get the basics you need to get started with Kotlin Basics, solve Koans, or just play around with Playground.

3. Solve tasks

You have 2 hours to solve the tasks. Move up the leaderboard by solving the tasks in the best way in the shortest time.

4. Win Prizes

During the contest keep an eye on your rank, the best of the best will win big prizes.

Programming contest is a great way to test your programming skills and improve them by comparing with others, learn from others. Whether you are a seasoned competitive programmer or a Kotlin developer who had never participated in a programming contest before, you’ll find these contests useful, entertaining, and thought provoking, designed to give a chance to win prizes to everyone.We hope you’ll find Kotlin language and fun and enjoyable to use and will keep using it in other programming contests.

Roman Elizarov, ICPC Live Director


Kotlin is a modern, cross-platform, multi-purpose programming language, developed by a team from JetBrains including some ICPC World Finalists. It is concise, safe, interoperable and tool-friendly.

Kotlin is an official programming
language in the ICPC World Finals


This will take you to codeforces.com where you will need to register yourself as a participant and enter yourself in the Kotlin Heroes contest.