JetBrains award

for teachers who have trained female winners of the Russian School Olympiads in Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics

Those who identify as women are generally outnumbered by those identifying as men in STEM, and this is also reflected in STEM competitions. We are convinced that this doesn’t need to be the case, and we strive to support those who help schoolgirls develop their skills in these fields.

Last year we launched an award program to recognize teachers whose female students have received first or second prizes at the annual Russian School Olympiads in informatics, mathematics or physics. These Olympiads are the most recognized and well-known high-level competitions for school children in Russia. In 2018, we gave out 36 awards (prize of 15,000 rubles) to teachers from 11 regions of Russia.

If one or several of your female students have won or have been runners-up at any of the Olympiads in 2019, we invite you to apply for the award.


The application deadline is June 1, 2019.

If your participation in the winners’ preparation for the Olympiad 2019 is confirmed by the winners, you automatically become eligible for the award.

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