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We at JetBrains have been looking for better networking opportunities for professional developers and those who are just starting out in the world of development. We have created our own completely free and open source tool to help people learn programming with Python, keeping the needs of both learners and educators in mind.

Download, install, and start
PyCharm Edu on your computer

No installation of additional software is required. PyCharm Edu has everything that you need to learn and develop with Python already built in.


Create your own interactive course with custom tasks, checks, tests, hints, and lots more.

Take a public interactive programming course from the MOOC platform


Use a custom private interactive course prepared by your teacher or co-worker

Share your course publicly on the MOOC platform


Share the course privately with your students or co-workers

Enjoy an easy interactive way of learning Python while programming.

Get instant feedback and quick results using an intelligent development tool. Keep it up!

Let learners complete their assignments independently with the assistance of your integrated tests.

Be confident that learners are doing everything right.

Free and easy

Use a free &
open source solution

PyCharm Edu is totally free and open source. This includes unlimited learning, course creation and distribution, and even developing Python applications.

Everything you need,
right out of the box

PyCharm Edu offers a complete toolkit for both learners and educators of programming. This includes essential learning features like an integrated Python console, Debugger and VCS, along with unique educational features like “fill in the missing code” exercises, intelligent hints, checks, smart suggestions, code auto-completion, and much more.

Your intelligent assistant

PyCharm Edu detects code problems and errors on the fly, as you go, and makes educated suggestions based on its deep understanding of Python code. Thanks to this instant feedback, you can save time and effort with both learning and teaching.

Get Pycharm Edu

Real–world experience from day one

PyCharm Edu is not merely a learning system—it’s a special educational edition of the PyCharm IDE, an intelligent tool for professional Python development used by thousands of professionals around the world.

Learning programming in a real professional environment will make transitioning from novice to professional as quick and simple as possible.

Terence Parr

Professor at University of San Francisco

Our freshman students have found PyCharm to be an excellent platform for learning Python programming because of PyCharm's debugger and immediate syntax and type feedback.


Learn and teach Java and Kotlin

Python is not the only programming language you can learn and teach with JetBrains. We also support Java and Kotlin, with more to come.

community and support

Hundreds of technology & educational institutions all around the globe use PyCharm in their programming courses. Most of the Top 25 world universities use PyCharm to teach programming.

We also support students and academia with free Classroom and Student Licenses for our products. To learn more and apply, click here »

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