Customizable and Cross-platform IDE

Use PyCharm on Windows, macOS and Linux with a single license key. Enjoy a fine-tuned workspace with customizable color schemes and key-bindings, with VIM emulation available.

Keyboard Schemes / Vim emulation

Reach new productivity heights by using the keyboard for all your tasks. For an easier start with PyCharm, try the keyboard hotkeys you already know well. Its keyboard layout is designed with your convenience in mind, but you can always choose other layouts such as those from Eclipse or Visual Studio, or just create your own. PyCharm also offers (via a plugin) a powerful VI/Vim emulation mode giving you the best of both worlds.

Customizable UI

Are there any software developers who don't like to tweak their tools? We have yet to meet one, so we've made PyCharm UI customization a breeze. Have plenty of screen estate? Turn the toolbars and pin the tool windows to always show. Coding on a 13" MacBook Air? Leave only the editor displayed and show the rest if and when needed.

Editor Color Schemes

UI customizations would be incomplete without an ability to configure the editor itself. PyCharm comes with several editor color schemes bundled and allows creating own custom schemes or modifying the existing ones.


More than 10 years of IntelliJ Platform development give PyCharm 50+ IDE plugins of different nature, including support for additional VCS, integrations with different tools and frameworks, and editor enhancements such as Vim emulation.