LiveEdit HTML and CSS

With the LiveEdit plugin, open HTML and CSS in Chrome, over HTTP, and see updates as you save.

Tired of starting a server a reloading your browser to see file changes?

Install the LiveEdit plugin and easily view HTML and CSS, including changes.

The LiveEdit plugin for PyCharm Professional (not bundled) is easy to install and gives a great editing experience for HTML and CSS.

In Depth

PyCharm Professional bundles WebStorm and, with the optional LiveEdit plugin, makes it easy to see HTML and CSS updates as you save them.

One you install the LiveEdit plugin, go to an HTML file and create a Debug configuration. You can do this with a right-click. This opens a private Chrome session with the flag to turn on Chrome's DevTools protocol. This lets PyCharm Professional "remote control" the browser, using an actual HTTP URL.

As you type and save HTML and CSS, you'll see the changes in the browser.

In previous versions, PyCharm needed a special extension in Chrome to allow this remote-control feature. That's no longer true.

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