See VCS Changed Lines In Gutter

Quickly spot which parts of your file have changed since the last commit.

Visually scan to see a file's changes.

Working with a version-controlled file and want to see which lines have been added or changed since the last commit? Watch the color codes in the gutter and click for more info.

In Depth

Another line.

Coding under version control means lines get added or changed since the last commit. Sometimes you want to spot what you've changed without the disruption of going to a diff dialog.

Time to get in the gutter. Adding some changes.

The IDE marks adds and changes in respective colors in the "gutter" to the left of the editor. You get colored stripes in regions that are uncommitted. This makes it easy to scan and see changes -- adds in one color, changes in another -- since the last commit.

Clicking in the gutter beside the line, on the decoration, brings up a popup toolbar with some useful VCS operations for that changed line:

  • Navigate to prev/next change

  • Revert that change

  • Copy the previous revision for that line to the clipboard

  • Move the change to a different changelist

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