Be a Better Data Analyst with PyCharm

REPL with interactive Python console

Run the REPL Python or IPython consoles in PyCharm which offer many advantages over the standard ones: on-the-fly syntax check with inspections, braces and quotes matching, and of course code completion.

Powerful Visual Debugger

With the visual debugger, all live debugging data are shown at a glance, with variables, Pandas Dataframes and NumPy arrays views. Step through code, change variable values on the fly, and keep your code under full control.

Data View for Pandas DataFrames and Numpy Arrays

When doing data science, seeing the data you’re working on makes the work a lot easier. That’s why we’ve combined our DataFrame and Numpy Array viewer into a dedicated Data View pane, complete with tabs to easily watch multiple datasets.

Anaconda Support

PyCharm fully supports Anaconda, including conda environments which you can easily create with a couple of clicks.

Jupyter Notebook Integration

PyCharm integrates with Jupyter Notebook, combining the advantages of Jupyter Notebook with extra benefits such as autocompletion, navigation, error checking, and much more.

Visualize Your Data With Ease

The matplotlib interactive mode works in both Python and Debugger consoles to let you plot, explore and manage matplotlib graphs in real time.

Write Quality code

Write neat and maintainable code while the IDE helps you keep quality under control with PEP8 checks, testing assistance, smart refactorings, and a host of inspections.

Keep your Code Under Version Control

Unified support for Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce and other version control systems helps you manage local changes and apply complex branch operations. All the tedious tasks (adding, removing and deleting files) are performed automatically.

Use Databases with Ease

Access Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and other databases right from the IDE. PyCharm helps you edit SQL code, browse data, and alter schemas as well as table data, run queries, and even analyze schemas with UML diagrams.

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