About the Partnership

Last June (2016) JetBrains PyCharm partnered with the Django Software Foundation to generate a big boost to Django fundraising. The campaign was a huge success. Together we raised a total of $50,000 USD for the Django Software Foundation! We really hope to repeat the success of the previous year. During a two-week campaign, buy a new PyCharm Professional Edition individual license with a 30% discount code, and all the money raised will go to the DSF’s general fundraising and the Django Fellowship program.



PyCharm and DSF Announce 30% Discount With All Proceeds Going to DSF again!

Until September 4, you can effectively contribute to Django by purchasing an Individual PyCharm Professional annual subscription with a 30% discount. It’s very simple:

On the check-out page, click “Have a discount code?” and enter the 30% discount promo code:


The promo code is only applicable if buying new individual PyCharm Professional Edition annual subscriptions. The offer doesn’t apply to other products or types of subscriptions.

Click this shortcut button to go to the PyCharm annual subscription page:

Get PyCharm at 30% off

Again, all income from this promotion code will go to the DSF fundraising campaign 2017 — not just the profits, but actually the entire sales amount. The campaign will help the DSF to maintain the healthy state of the Django project and continue contributing to their different outreach and diversity programs.

Dmitry Filippov
For seven years, Django has been the stable rock in our feature set. The success of Django is invaluable for us as well as for the whole Python community. This promotion gives us an opportunity to strengthen PyCharm’s relationship with Django by helping the DSF reach its fully-funded campaign goal.”

Dmitry Filippov

Product Marketing Manager

The success of the Django/PyCharm fundraiser in 2016

The Django/PyСharm fundraising campaign in 2016 was a huge success. Together we raised a total of $50,000 USD for the Django Software Foundation! All the money raised went toward Django outreach and diversity programs: Django community workshops, the Django Fellowship program, sponsoring official Django conferences, and others. A portion has been used to fund the support for type hints in future releases of Django.


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Frank Wiles
JetBrains has been a great partner with us on this, raising money for the Django Software Foundation. On behalf of the community, I would like to extend our deepest thanks for their generous help. Together we hope to make this a yearly event!”

Frank Wiles

President of the Django Software Foundation

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Django at fundraising@djangoproject.com
or JetBrains at sales@jetbrains.com.