What's New in PyCharm 2024.1.2

Support for DRF viewsets and routers in the Endpoints tool window, improved debugger performance for large data collections, and support for keyword argument type hinting

Support for DRF viewsets and routers in the Endpoints tool window

PyCharm now recognizes endpoints specified via routers and viewsets and displays them in the Endpoints tool window. Additionally, you can map HTTP methods to viewset methods using as_view(), and PyCharm will display the allowed HTTP methods next to the relevant route.

Code assistance for TypedDict and Unpack

PEP 692 made it possible to add type information for keyword arguments of different types. This can be done by using TypedDict and Unpack. PyCharm allows you to use this feature confidently by providing parameter info, type checking, and code completion.

Improved debugger performance for large collections

PyCharm’s debugger now offers a smoother experience, even when very large collections are involved. You can now work on your data science projects without having to put up with high CPU loads and UI freezes.

Code insight for generic classes using descriptor methods

We’ve resolved an issue with type descriptors, which was one of the bugs with the highest number of votes in our issue tracker.

PyCharm is now able to infer types defined in descriptors. Previously, the return types of implicit __get__ function calls were not inferred correctly for generic classes that used the descriptor protocol. Now the return types of __get__ functions are inferred correctly, taking generics and their parameterization into account.