PyCharm 2.5 — remote interpreters, virtualenv,…

Next big update for PyCharm brings many changes for improvement of your day-to-day workflow with a better remote interpreters management, virtualenvs,, etc. Check out the short descriptions below and download PyCharm 2.5 to try it out.


PyCharm 2.5 adds a set of very important features with regards to working with Python interpreters and application packaging:

  • Remote interpreters — full integration with Python interpreters running on remote hosts is ensured.
  • Added ability to browse and install packages from PyPI.


The new version provides virtualenv integration including virtualenvs creation and auto-detection of existing ones.

The IDE now offers a simple UI for creating new files and for running tasks.

Start typing task name and PyCharm shows you what you need.


PyCharm is now capable of reading dependencies from or requirements.txt. Having all packages in place let's you enjoy all outstanding code completion and code navigation abilities of PyCharm.

New packaging-aware inspections are added with a quick-fix to automatically install an unresolved package specified in import.

SVN 1.7, Git Branches & Perforce

SVN: Enjoy the new features and performance of the latest Subversion with the best GUI client available.

Git: New, easier and more functional UI for working with Git branches.

Perforce: Better support of move and rename operations and improved performance of Changes view refresh.

UI & Performance

More compact and cleaner UI of Debugger and Project tool windows.

Further editor speed improvements for Python, JavaScript and CSS coding.

Emacs Mode

PyCharm 2.5 further improves its Emacs editor features such as: kill rings, sticky selection, adjust line and others.


JavaScript editor is now aware of static attributes for code completion and resolving.

The latest version of EcmaScript JavaScript engine is supported along with Traceur compiler preview mode.