PyCharm 3 is Open to the Community

An outstanding lineup of new features
in PyCharm 3 comes along with the
most exciting announcement:
an open-source version of PyCharm
is available!

PyCharm 3 Free Download
What's new in PyCharm 3

Free Community Edition — for pure Python coding and learning

Software developers who are doing pure Python coding, as well as those who are just making their first steps in
programming, will no doubt appreciate this new Edition of PyCharm. It provides essential IDE functionality such as:

  • an intelligent editor with code completion and analysis
  • automated code refactorings
  • graphical debugger and unit testing support
  • native version control integrations, and much more...

For more details on the differences between Professional Edition and Community Edition,
refer to the Editions Comparison Matrix.

The latest PyCharm 3.1 updates many existing features and improves your user experience
and development platform

Python 3.4 support comm prof

PyCharm 3.1 now supports Python 3.4 with all of its new libraries and features. You can now switch to the new interpreter with confidence and enjoy all the advantages of the latest Python.

Django 1.6 support prof

PyCharm 3.1 is more complete with support for the latest Django 1.6. All the bugs that appeared with this new Django version are now fixed, so nothing is stopping you from updating your development environment.

Vagrant improvements prof


PyCharm's Vagrant integration becomes more flexible and handy with support for Vagrant providers and plugin management.

Google App Engine enhancements prof

Google App Engine support has been refined in a few places.
Notably, Google App Engine run configurations have been unified with those for Django. Second, GAE integration now works fine with user authentication with username and password. We also sneaked in a few new specific inspections to provide even better code assistance.

Refined local terminal comm prof

Local terminal now includes draggable and improved terminal tabs, supports splits and other extremely useful features.

Performance optimizations comm prof

After releasing PyCharm 3.0 we started investing more in performance improvements and optimizations. This update includes just a few: better and faster resolve into heavy binary modules like PyGTK and PyQT, and performance fixes when editing large *.po files.

Stay tuned for more generic performance enhancements in the next PyCharm release.

Other updates in PyCharm 3.1 comm prof

  • New and optimized language injections for formatted and concatenated SQL strings.
  • PyCharm 3.1 introduces several common workflow optimizations: binary modules skeletons are now generated in the background; python interpreter is now detected automatically; and there's no highlighting of code errors if no interpreter is found. All this allows you to start coding with minimum delay.

See what was new in PyCharm 3.0

Full-featured embedded local terminal comm prof

This amazing feature makes Python Development Environment really complete. Now there is no need to leave the IDE while developing at all. Local terminal is available for any supported OS and works in both PyCharm editions.

SQLAlchemy support prof

PyCharm 3.0 provides smarter code insight for the SQLAlchemy library, resulting in improved code suggestions and automatic completion. SQLAlchemy diagrams complement the support of this handy SQL toolkit by it by visualizing your data structure.

SQLAlchemy Support

Support for Pyramid web framework prof

PyCharm takes care of all the routine tasks so you can enjoy developing with your framework of choice. Naturally, we provide Pyramid-aware code completion, automatic setup for run configurations, code navigation, and more. You'll be also pleased to know that the Chameleon template language, commonly used for Pyramid projects, is also supported.

Web2Py framework support prof

Development with web2py has never been this easy. PyCharm recognizes existing web2py projects and can automatically create new ones. It understands the web2py internal template language, offers framework-specific code completion, helps you easily navigate around your project, and performs all the routine stuff. All that's left for you is to enjoy developing with web2py.

New Python Refactorings comm prof

Several new refactoring tools have been added to the existing set, to help you maintain and improve your code::

  • Invert boolean: Inverts boolean value and updates usages of the containing variable throughout the entire project
  • Replace duplicates: Searches for code duplicates when performing the Extract Method refactoring
  • Convert static method to function and Convert method to property are implemented via quick-fix intentions.
New Python Refactorings
New Python Refactorings

Configurable language
injections comm prof

Language injections allow you to natively edit non-Python code* embedded into string literals, with code completion, error highlighting, and other bells and whistles.

* SQL support within string literals is available only in Professional Edition.

Refined Python code
analysis comm prof

Rest assured that your code is instantly and thoroughly checked for errors and suspicious places! We've implemented lots of new code inspections since PyCharm 2.7 to turn in into the most innovative and modern Python code analysis system.

Django code insight improvements prof

On the Django side, you can enjoy enhanced code completion in templates used from class-based views, better ORM handling and deeper code insight for Django forms.

PyCharm gets an eagle eye comm prof

Type inference in PyCharm 3.0 reaches new heights thanks to more intelligent code analysis algorithms. Since PyCharm now knows more about objects, variables and function return types, code completion becomes a lot smarter, suggesting more appropriate alternatives for you.

Variable explorer in Python console comm prof

Python console has been enhanced too. Now it provides a new must-have tool — Variable explorer. With this tool you can easily watch, modify and inspect variables used in your Python console session.

Duplicate code detection tool is now available prof

The brand-new Locate duplicates tool allows you to examine your code and find code duplication throughout your project. This tool works for different languages and is flexible to configure, to help you bring your code quality to an entirely new level.

PyQt and PyGTK support improvements comm prof

Support for these popular GUI libraries in PyCharm has been substantially enhanced. Now PyCharm knows PyQt internals much better and provides unique coding assistance for PyGTK developers.

PyCharm 3.1 adds all the cutting-edge features, improvements and bug-fixes of IntelliJ IDEA 13:

PyCharm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor), either out-of-the-box or with free plugins available in the repository.