Which Continuous Integration systems do you regularly use?


Jenkins / Hudson is the most popular* Continuous Integration Tool.

Jenkins / Hudson is the CI tool of choice for all types of developers except C# developers who prefer Microsoft Team Foundation Build.


of Continuous Integration users use CI in cloud.

Mature professionals tend to choose TeamCity: 64% of TeamCity users have worked in IT for more than 5 years, compared to 45% on average.

Which Issue Tracking systems do you regularly use?


Jira is the most popular* Issue Tracking system.

Most types of developers flock to JIRA; only C# developers favor Microsoft TFS.


of Issue Tracker users use a tracker in cloud.

35% of YouTrack users use a combination of agile software development frameworks, vs 19% on average.

Which Version Control systems do you regularly use?


Git is the most popular* Version Control system.

Are you involved in deployment procedures?

What Configuration Management Tools do you regularly use?

Do you use any of the following tools in cloud?


of those who do Code Review use tools in cloud.


of developers who use one or more team tool use at least one in cloud.

*Based on methodology applied

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