ReSharper 2016.2 vs ReSharper 2016.1

This page will help you compare ReSharper 2016.2 with its predecessor. The latest ReSharper adds initial support for ASP.NET Core 1.0 RTM; introduces structural navigation in your code with Tab; enables solution-wide analysis to indicate warnings in addition to errors; adds Go to Text for textual search across your solution. For details, please see What's New in ReSharper.

ReSharper 2016.1
ReSharper 2016.2

Supported versions of Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2015 (Updates 1, 2) Visual Studio 2015 (Updates 1–3)

Code analysis

2000+ code inspections 2200+ code inspections
~1000 quick-fixes ~1020 quick-fixes
Solution-wide analysis shows found errors Solution-wide analysis can find and show warnings in addition to errors
Language injection: ReSharper provides support for pieces of code in one language inside statements in another language (such as regular expressions passed as arguments or CSS selectors in jQuery calls) Language injection with comments: locations of injected languages can be permanently defined with comments in addition to context actions

Navigation and search

Structural navigation Structural navigation: jump between logical pieces of your code with Tab and Shift+Tab, similar to how you tab through a web page in a browser.
Go to Text Go to Text: find and navigate to any text in source and textual files in the current solution
Assembly dependency diagram Assembly dependency diagram: explore how assemblies are connected via references
Process Explorer window Process Explorer window: view all currently running processes, explore and decompile their modules
IL Viewer: display IL code behind library code or compiled source code IL Viewer improves readability with better highlighting and indentation

Code style

Code formatting Code formatting is extended with a new set of C# formatting options

Refactorings and context actions

53 refactorings 54 refactorings: Extract Members to Partial is now available
Optimize References, Remove Unused References refactorings Optimize References, Remove Unused References refactorings work safer as they allow marking references as only used at runtime
350+ context actions 390+ context actions

Coding assistance

C# typing assistants More C# typing assistants to auto-correct subtle mistypes as you enter code
Code templates Code templates: surround templates work on overtyping a selection; a single template can be used to create and surround code

Supported languages and technologies

C#: up to version 6.0 C#: up to version 6.0
VB.NET: up to version 14 VB.NET: up to version 14, with additional code inspections, quick-fixes and context actions
ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC)
JavaScript JavaScript: JsDoc support in refactorings, other improvements
Node.js Node.js
JSON JSON: custom value helpers for improved code completion, schema catalogs, code completion for package versions in bower.json files
TypeScript: up to version 1.8 (also experimental support for TypeScript 2.0) TypeScript: up to version 2.0.0
CSS CSS: support for custom properties and improved spec handling
Build scripts Build scripts
Google Protocol Buffers Google Protocol Buffers
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