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ReSharper 5 vs ReSharper 4.5

Legend:  — Unsupported  — Supported  — Better support
Feature ReSharper 4.5 ReSharper 5
Development Environments and Languages
Supported Visual Studio versions Visual Studio 2005, 2008 Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010
Supported C# versions 2.0, 3.0 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
Supported VB.NET versions VB8, VB9 VB8, VB9, VB10
Web Development
ASP.NET support C#, VB.NET code C#, VB.NET code + markup files
ASP.NET-specific refactorings no

Extract Content Placeholder
Rename TagPrefix
Rename TagName

ASP.NET-specific navigation no Go to Related Files (masterpages, CSS files etc.)
ASP.NET-specific code generation no

Code generation actions
Live, file, and surround templates

ASP.NET MVC support no Navigation and coding assistance for controller and action usages in string literals
HTML support no

Navigation, coding assistance, context actions, and completion for HTML items in ASP.NET markup files

Navigation and Search
Support for external sources no

Metadata view
Navigation to shared sources (PDB source server support)
Navigation in sources that are external to current solution

Structural search and replace no yes
Code bookmarks no yes
Hierarchy views yes

Type Hierarchy


Type Hierarchy, Project Hierarchy

Code Analysis
Code inspections ~750 ~900
Quick-fixes ~550 ~600
Solution-wide warnings and suggestions no yes
Value tracking no yes
Call tracking no yes
Pattern-based code analysis no yes
Upgrade loops to LINQ no yes
Overall refactorings 35 40
Project-level refactorings no

Move types/files between folders and projects
Move multiple types from a single file to multiple files
Safe Delete sets of types/files/folders
Synchronize namespaces with physical location

Coding Assistance
Context actions 158 ~200
Code Cleanup yes better

Added XML formatting

Predefined code templates 75 86
Unit Testing
Supported NUnit version 2.4 (limited) Any, up to 2.5
Other Features
Localization and globalization Via RGreatX plug-in Bundled

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