Changes from ReSharper 1.5 to 1.5.1


  • Option to switch between ReSharper's and Visual Studio's IntelliSense
  • Encapsulate Field refactoring: carry XML <summary> comments from field when encapsulating

Bugs fixed

  • Resharper sometimes hangs on startup
  • "Create Method" quickfix: better method placement
  • Move Type refactoring: sometimes leaves unresolved usings when moving last type out of namespace
  • Move Type refactoring is very slow when parent namespace is widely used
  • Encapsulate Field refactoring: 'this.A' is produced when field is used in the constructor
  • Introduce Variable refactoring: dialog lacks mnemonics
  • Introduce Field refactoring: "Initialize in constructor" should not affect static constructor
  • Introduce Field refactoring: do not create a field reference if field is introduced for the only expression in the line
  • Introduce Field refactoring: wrong default choice if expression references 'this'
  • Extract Superclass refactoring: invalid constructor creation in particular case
  • Move Type to Separate File refactoring: does not adds necessary usings into the new file
  • Change Method Signature refactoring: remove parameter fails on multiple selection
  • Smart completion works incorrectly on selection
  • Live Templates: incorrect default namespace value for project-level files
  • Error highlighting: incorrect redundant cast detection with overloaded method (in particular case)
  • Error highlighting: errors when converting int to uint with alias
  • Live Templates configuration: deletion confirmation dialog is not modal
  • Lot of internal exceptions