Questions and Answers

There are already product specific newsletters, so why a Community Newsletter?

In short, we see more and more of our users showing interest in, and trying, other JetBrains products. The growing trend where a developer's arsenal spans multiple languages and tools to help them get their work done in a more pleasurable and efficient fashion will only increase in the future. We want our readers to have the opportunity to stay informed with a central source of information.

What is going to be in Community Newsletter?

While the initial content is going to be a digest of the month’s top stories, we will be closely listening to our readers and adjusting our content accordingly to bring you new, unique and relevant stories. Beyond product announcements, we plan to share learning resources and news from the company alongside exciting contests to keep our readers engaged. You have the opportunity to directly influence the newsletter’s direction, so again, please share your thoughts with us at

Can I or my company contribute content to Community Newsletter?

We are always on the lookout for great content. The best approach is to get in touch with us and tell us what is on your mind. Not everything our users share with us will make it into the newsletter, but there are many other ways we can help others learn about your content. Get in touch!

I am experiencing an issue with a newsletter. Whom should I contact?

For all newsletter issues including subscribing/unsubscribing, reporting formatting problems and more, contact us and in the subject line please note 'Community Newsletter – Report an Issue'

When can I expect to receive Community Newsletter?

We plan to publish the Community Newsletter the second Tuesday of each month.