Learning Rider

Get started with Rider

Watch this 25-minute overview video where Maarten Balliauw explains what Rider is about and guides you through its initial setup.

You will learn how to open and create projects; work with different menus, settings and tool windows; edit, generate, navigate, and search code; run and debug your applications; as well as use Rider's sophisticated code analysis and refactoring features. The .NET Guide provides many tips, tricks and tutorials.

For a more thorough video overview, consider watching a Pluralsight course called Cross-platform C# Programming with JetBrains Rider.

If you prefer reading over watching, Rider Online Help is your definitive learning resource: depending on where you're at, it will help you get started with Rider or dive into advanced features. For a start, check out First Steps with Rider that describes frequently used commands, ways to create, navigate and refactor your code, and how you can reach hundreds of Rider's commands with just one shortcut, Alt + Enter.