Ruby on Rails IDE

RubyMine enhances your productivity with Rails and natively supports all major web development practices.

Rails-Aware Code Maintenance

Code completion

RubyMine understands and correctly completes DB fields and associations; find_by_*, url_for, redirect_to and other Rails methods, methods defined by named routes and resource routes, and much more.

Rails generators

Add new Rails entities such as models, controllers, scaffolds, etc. to your project with a convenient UI providing quick and context-sensitive access to Rails generators.

ERB/HAML/Slim editor

  • ERB views editing is fully supported together with braces, folding, syntax highlighting, smart code completion, and more.
  • If you prefer developing HAML or Slim Rails views, you'll find syntax highlighting for the injected Ruby code as well as coding assistance for HTML code inside (completion, navigation, etc.).

Advanced Code Navigation

Rails project view

Get quick access to related controllers, models, views, migrations, and so on, together with their contents such as controller methods, associated and partial views, etc.

Model dependency diagram

Take a bird's eye view of your project models with their attributes to analyze the project structure and navigate to the code you need.

MVC-based navigation

  • Use editor gutter icons to quickly switch from a controller action to the corresponding view, or even create a new one. Switch back from view to controller action just as easily.
  • Go to Navigate | Related Symbol option for quick navigation between appropriate Rails model, controller, view, helper, and unit/functional/spec test—from any location.

Rails Tools Perfected

Rails internationalization (i18n)

To help you with I18n, RubyMine offers a quick-fix option for string literals which auto-copies it to a YML file and replaces it with the Rails translate() method.

YAML support

RubyMine supports syntax and error highlighting for YAML files and helps you comfortably edit internationalization property files (*.yml).

Rails console

  • Use the Rails console for whatever you need, by running it directly from the IDE (Run | Run Rails Console).
  • The console provides syntax highlighting, and a command history which can be browsed with Up/Down arrow keys.
  • You can configure the console colors and fonts in Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts.