Testing Assistant

RubyMine supports RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, Test::Unit and MiniTest. The IDE provides the complete range of features that streamline creating and running tests and examining the results.

Gui-based test runner

  • Built-in test runner, fully integrated with the IDE, capable of executing tests and supplying on-the-fly statistics on currently running tests.
  • Dedicated view for tests, with details panel for viewing a selected test output.
  • Quick navigation to a line of code where tests have failed.

Code insight

Create new tests with predefined file templates and enjoy syntax highlighting and code completion that’s aware of the specifics of your testing framework, e.g. Cucumber scenario step completion from step definitions.

Test navigation

Easily navigate between a test and the corresponding test subject, e.g. when navigating from a controller action you can choose whether to switch to tests for the controller, or helper, or view.

Code inspections

Verify your tests with a list of inspections and use quick-fix options, for example to create a Cucumber step definition from its usage.

Running tests

Run your tests via Rake tasks or launch from a directory, file or class; run the corresponding test for a specified method, class, BDD example, etc.