Project Management

Plan, manage, and execute your work on the project as a team, optimizing the whole workflow and collaboration process.

Everything development team needs

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is an entry point and a cover page of the project. It gives you a birds-eye view of the latest activity, including its members, repositories, documents, code reviews, and checklists.

Permissions and responsibilities

Teams are static entities in Space, but projects are made to be dynamic. Create a team within a project or add any team from your organization. Grant all team members access to all project resources with one click. It is also possible to invite individual collaborators with limited access.

Make the project private and only visible to its members, or public and visible to everyone in your organization. Assign members to specific parts of your project and make it clear who is responsible for what.

Issue tracking

Issue tracking

Enjoy fast, lightweight issue tracking with the straightforward built-in workflow inside your project.

  • Create issues with a single click or convert items from your checklist. Break them down into smaller tasks by adding sub-items.
  • Link issues to commits, code reviews, and merge requests, and auto-update the issue status when merging.
  • Add custom issue fields to categorize, prioritize, and make your tasks more transparent for your organization.
  • Keep track of time spent on issues and report it to stakeholders.
  • Create and export Matrix reports with customizable attributes.
  • Start a discussion with replies and reactions, just like in chats.
  • Keep track of conversations on your issue – all mentions from chats, code reviews, and other issues are automatically added to the issue history.

Integration with external trackers

Space offers an issue-centric approach to software development that seamlessly integrates coding into the development pipeline, boosting developer productivity and reducing friction.

As an extensible platform, Space aims to provide a similar experience for both Space issues and external issue trackers, such as Jira Cloud (released) and YouTrack (planned).

Jira Cloud integration

Leverage the power of Space seamlessly integrated with Jira Cloud. Enhance efficiency and improve visibility throughout your entire development process.

  • Preview Jira issues in Space.
  • Create Jira issues from Space.
  • Auto-link Space commits and merge requests to Jira issues.

Learn more about the integration.

Jira integration
Issue boards

Issue boards

Use Issue boards to visually organize, prioritize, and track the progress of your tasks. Create boards to fit your Scrum, Kanban, and mixed processes. Add swimlanes to group issues by assignee, due date, creation date, creator, or any custom field.

Plan your future sprints using the backlog that is available directly on the board. Filter the board or the backlog by different criteria to locate specific issues, and customize the issue card view with different issue attributes.

Top-down planning

Top-down planning

Use structured, text-based checklists for top-down planning. Summarize discussion results, build mind maps, breakdown the scope of a project, or structure ideas as a plan.

Create personal and shared checklists that contain references to issues, code reviews, or project documents, and organize them by category, tags, or priority. Convert a checklist item into an issue with only one click.

Get the information you need, in time

Personalized information is delivered to your dashboard, chat feeds, and to-do list, to maximize your productivity.

IDE-like navigation

Experience familiar, powerful, and keyboard-centric navigation, just like in your IDE. Quickly switch between chat messages, issues, and code reviews by pressing Cmd+K (Ctrl+K).

Create new merge requests, issues, reviews, and other items on the go by typing “+” followed by the relevant command (for example, “+merge request”).

Personal To-Do List

Personal To-Do List

Manage your daily personal tasks or the tasks that will need your attention sometime in the future. Add items to your to-do list with a single click: an issue to work on, a code review assigned to you, a blog post you want to read, or even a comment you would like to reply to.

Personalized Dashboard

Personalized Dashboard

Stay on top of important and relevant updates with your personalized dashboard. A collection of widgets show your meetings, projects, team calendars, absences, recent blog posts, and upcoming events.

Personal calendar

Personal Calendar

Keep track of all the issues and to-dos that are due right from your personal calendar. Switch between the daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views to see all upcoming and past deadlines and plan your work accordingly.