Everything your company needs to ensure open work and transparent collaboration: the teams, locations, member profiles, roles and permissions, calendars, meetings, vacations, and blogs – all in one place.

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Home for teams

Find everything you need to know about the teams across your entire organization, including their subteams, members, job titles, and workplace locations.

Get an overview of the projects that each team is working on, their scheduled meetings, and a feed with the team’s most recent updates.



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version control, code reviews, automation, issues, and more.

Manage memberships and permissions in one place

Define the team once and reuse it across all the areas in Space to provide all the team members with the permissions to version control, code reviews, packages, issues, channels in chats and knowledge base articles in one click.

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Team calendar

Consult the team calendar for an overall picture of your teammates' availability and see their collective planned vacation, business trips, and other absences.

Use this information to plan your releases, milestones, and general activities, including team gatherings, conferences, vacations, and business trips.

Connect team members

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Member profiles

Find mission-critical information for each of your colleagues: contact details, workspace location, availability, schedule, vacations, and business trips.

Member profiles list each member’s teams and job titles, projects and responsibilities, as well as the manager who they report to. All of this information makes it easier to make sure you’ve found the right person to invite to a chat or join your project.

Custom fields

Use custom fields to enrich your member profiles with more detail. Store each member’s preferred method of commuting to work, clothing size, languages, date of birth, and education. You control whether this information is visible to everyone in your organization or restricted to authorized members only.

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Personal calendar

Surf your colleague's personal calendar and see how overloaded they are with meetings and planned absences, like business trips, conferences, or vacation.

This way, you can plan for meaningful collaboration sessions when your colleague has fewer distractions and can give you their full attention.

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Manage vacations

Before you start to plan your vacation, check how many vacation days you still have available for the current year.

We’ve simplified the process of requesting vacation for everyone. Any vacation requests that you add to the calendar generate notifications for the manager and Human Resources.

Once approved, your status is updated automatically. Everyone in the organization is aware of your absence and can plan around it. No more back and forth approval emails and lost vacation requests. Clear and easy.

Share your plans for business trips, conferences, and training

Let your colleagues know if you’re planning to work remotely, going on a business trip, attending a conference, or not quite feeling well enough to come into the office.

Add an absence to your profile and make it clear to everyone who needs to know whether you are available or not. The list of reasons for spending time away from the office is completely customizable.

Manage time within the office space

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Schedule meetings

When you plan a meeting, add individual members or the whole team to the list of participants with a single click.

Space automatically suggests the best time slot available for the chosen date based on the available meeting locations and the schedule for each participant.

Because it already knows the workspace location for each participant, Space suggests which meeting rooms are suitable for each site.

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Floor plans

Never underestimate the power of face to face communication! Going for a business trip to another office, need to talk to a new colleague, or just want to invite them for a coffee?

Find people on the floor plan or take a visual tour of the office. With floor plans available on mobile as well, you will never get lost when looking for someone.

Share news, knowledge, and experience

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Promote open communication

Publish project milestones and important updates in an internal blog. You can also promote company-wide meetings and events, like Town Halls, Hackathons, holiday parties, or internal talks.

Limit the target audience by location or team and make sure you deliver the right information to the right people.

Collaborative editing

Draft your articles concurrently using a rich text editor. Share the draft with the entire team or specific members and shape the content in tandem.

Collect and share knowledge planned

Round up all of your company’s unique experiences in a single place where everyone can learn, discuss, and extract information. The knowledge base is available to everyone, centrally located, easy to share, manage, and support.

Organize your onboarding process for new employees, style guides for designers, vacation rules, security guidelines, sales materials, and marketing campaigns in one place with links to related teams and locations.