Code Reviews in your IDE

Use any IntelliJ IDEA-based IDE to browse code reviews, submit comments, and accept changes.

Review code where you write it: in the IDE!

After making a change, you can request a code review from one or more team members.

Code reviews and merge requests can be accessed from your browser, using the Space desktop application, and from within the IDE!

The Space plugin is bundled in IntelliJ IDEA, and you can install the Space plugin manually in our other IDEs.

Use the plugin to:

The IDE shows basic details of the code review, such as who the authors and reviewers are. You can checkout the code review's branch, and use the code review timeline to see all comments and changes that were made during the lifetime of a code review.

You can write additional comments on the code review, and browse and respond to threads as well. Without having to leave the IDE!

More about the Space Plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs...