Configure custom fields in your issues

Streamline and customize your issue-tracking process with Space.

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Add issue fields that are important for your organization’s workflows

To configure custom fields, go to Project | Issues | Settings, click 'Custom Fields', and click the 'New Field' button. Creating a custom field only takes three steps:

  1. Give the field a name.
  2. Select a field type, along with any other options you need.
  3. Click 'Save'.

You can configure custom fields of the following types: Text, Number, List, Checkbox, Date, Date & Time, Percentage, and Link. You can also attach Space entities, such as Teams, Organization members, Locations, Issues, and Projects, to your issues.

After you’ve added a custom field, you can specify its value when creating a new issue or when modifying existing issues.

Please note that you need to be a project administrator or have the necessary permissions to manage issue settings in your project.

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