Working with To-Do List

Plan and manage your daily tasks and goals.

Plan, manage and follow-up on tasks. Organize yourself!

We can work on our To-Do list and add tasks to it. These To-Do's can be free-format, much like having a personal memo pad. To-Do's can also be entities in Space!

Need to follow up on a chat message? Add it as a To-Do. An issue needs your attention? Add it to the To-Do list.

Tick off tasks when they are completed. Use the arrow keys to navigate up/down the list, and the space bar to complete an item.

Sometimes, the best way to get something done is to wait for a better time to do it. To-Do's can be postponed until tomorrow, next week, or any time in the future.

The To-Do list is available from the sidebar, and can also be opened using the G, D keyboard shortcut.

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