Turn-based Code Reviews

Make the process of reviewing code as clear as possible for the author of the code, and the reviewers.

Who should take action?

When the Space team was looking at the typical code review process, we found two issues that could be improved...

Who should take action? It's not always clear whether the ball is in the court of the author or that of one of the reviewers.

It is not uncommon for a reviewer to write: "Could you please explain the meaning of this part?", and then delete their comment once they've found the answer to their question further in the code. Does it make sense to send comments immediately during a review, bothering the author and reviewers with what could be temporary remarks? Can comments be buffered as drafts?

The turn-based code review process in Space provides an answer to both questions. Status indicators for each of the participants reflect whose turn it is at any moment. Code review comments are added as drafts, and sent in one go when someone's turn in the review ends.

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