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JetBrains products enable developers to build great software faster by writing clean, quality code and automating tasks during all stages of development.

Professional tools with measurable value

JetBrains tools are focused around development team collaboration and can save you money and resources by reducing software development and maintenance costs, help you keep release schedules, and even boost revenues by improving the quality of your software products.


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Remarkable Return

At least 30% of developers time can be taken up working on code issues that could have been avoided altogether if the right development tools were used. Newly hired developers can spend up to 70% of their initial working time getting up to speed with an existing codebase. This figure increases if developers have to regularly switch between projects. With the best development tools, this time can be significantly lowered.

JetBrains tools are designed for productivity and deliver a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI):

How JetBrains Tools Help Your Business

  • Wide range of tools
  • Code quality
  • Unified experience
  • New technologies
  • Project management

Wide range of tools

JetBrains tools cover every aspect of your development team's workflow, including project management, coding, debugging, static code analysis, unit testing, code coverage analysis, bug tracking, code review, continuous integration, deployment, and performance and memory profiling.

Most of our tools are extensible and provide integration options, so you can create your own development ecosystem based on your needs, goals, and processes.

Built-in code quality

Built-in code quality control helps developers adopt good coding and design practices. As problems are discovered before they ever cause trouble, you get clearer, more maintainable code bases, highly reliable applications, and savings of time and money.

JetBrains tools assist you in following uniform conventions and standards across your team or organization. This helps to significantly improve your overall productivity, by allowing all team members to better understand the code and work more efficiently together.

Multi-platform, with all major technologies covered

Working with multiple environments and platforms is so common today, which is why we offer high-quality tools for .NET, Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, among others. Whenever developers have to switch technologies or work in a multi-platform setup, JetBrains tools help ease the learning curve by providing a familiar development environment across languages and platforms.

Should you require integration with already existing solutions, services or technologies used in your company, you can take advantage of building a custom integration on top of IntelliJ Platform, ReSharper Platform, or TeamCity Platform through API. A powerful and rich API is available to extend the platform based on your needs.

Early support for new technologies

At JetBrains we are committed to supporting the latest technologies, to help you break into new markets or improve your development processes. We are quick to implement support for new languages and frameworks that help your developers become as productive as possible with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Team collaboration

JetBrains tools allow you to automate routine tasks, streamline the delivery of code to production, achieve transparency in team communications and collaboration, better plan development process iterations, and accurately distribute responsibilities. This creates a development ecosystem that enables your team to accelerate the delivery of high-quality software products and develop their expertise.

A bird's-eye view of the overall development process and smart analytics let you evaluate your team's dynamics, discover trends early, and assist with managerial decisions. With powerful customization capabilities fine-tuning your process is a breeze.

Enterprise Licensing

  • Policy and discount
  • License Server
  • True up billing

Competitive & bulk discounts are offered.

Competitive & discounts are offered.

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Greatest flexibility: you can get a monthly or yearly subscription for one product or for all tools with the All Products Pack (desktop tools only).

Every yearly subscription comes with a perpetual fallback license that allows you to use a certain version of a product even without an active subscription.

Every yearly subscription comes with a perpetual fallback license that allows you to use a certain version of a product even without an active subscription.

You can qualify for a 20% discount on the initial price when extending a subscription for the second year, and a 40% discount for the third year and onwards.

Extensive network of resellers and partners all around the world.

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The product subscriptions can be easily managed and distributed inside your company and team through the JetBrains Account.

The product subscriptions can be easily managed and distributed inside your company and team through the JetBrains Account.

Perpetual licenses for our team tools come with free updates for one year and an option to extend an update subscription at a discount.

Global company operating in more than 190 countries, with more than 20 years of experience.

Replaces your standard, end user based subscriptions with a flexible, floating license model.

Supports your growing user base seamlessly, without the need to manually issue and revoke subscriptions individually.

Comprehensive usage reporting available on demand

Offered as a free bundle for customers purchasing or already owning 50 or more licenses.

Used in conjunction with the JetBrains License Server

Allows the administrator to set a minimum usage threshold with additional “overage” flexibility

Less transactional churn: receive billing on a monthly or quarterly basis

Cost savings: eliminates over-purchasing, allows you to license exactly what your company needs

Comprehensive customer support

You can be sure to get quality support for JetBrains products. All our tools offer detailed documentation, reference materials, and guides. If you have a question, you can get quick, helpful and responsive email support at any time. If you require training, we can arrange on-site training or remote, webinar-based sessions for your team.

Our online resources such as community forums and public issue trackers are available to submit your bug reports and feature requests or discuss product functionality with JetBrains developers and other users. We're also listening to you on Twitter and Facebook.


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Product-Specific Information

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Industry Recognition

JetBrains developer tools are trusted by Salesforce, Citibank, Twitter, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, NASA, and 170,000 other companies worldwide, including 418 on the Fortune 500 list. Over 8,000,000 developers already use our products, and 100,000 join every month.

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How likely is it that you would recommend JetBrains to a friend or colleague?


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What Developers Say
About Us

What Developers Say
About Us

Martin Fowler
Martin Fowler
Chief Scientist
Thoughtworks Inc.

When I started writing about refactoring I looked forward to the days when Java programmers could have the same tools that Smalltalkers used to refactor their programs. IntelliJ IDEA gives Java programmers that power, not just through refactorings, but also through innovative code assistance capabilities. These days every Java programmer should use a refactoring tool every day.

IntelliJ IDEA
Gerard de Brieder
Gerard de Brieder

The things that ReSharper showed me and taught me is simply amazing. It's like having your own personal pair programmer sitting right next to you all the time.
It tells you if your code is good, if you actually use the code you create and it even helps you reformat/refactor your code to make it more robust.
An example that blew me out of the field was with an iteration I was working on which went over a List. ReSharper offered a suggestion to use LINQ and went right ahead rewriting the whole iteration into a LINQ statement. This is great for teaching you new stuff!

Chris Eidhof
Chris Eidhof
iOS/macOS software developer

Anyone who's not using AppCode is wasting precious time every day. I save hours every week, and feel impeded whenever I'm editing Objective-C outside of AppCode.

Mathias Meyer
freelance software developer, consultant and coach

If you're one of these people who put free cost above time and money gained a small investment, you should give IDEA a try... It didn't win the Java Developer Journal Reader's Choice award for best Java IDE for nothing.

IntelliJ IDEA

Customers and Awards

JetBrains’ products have won 80+ international industry awards since the turn of the century.

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