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If nothing is found, consider the following options of getting in touch with the AppCode team:

  • Ask questions on our discussion forum. Note that your discussion will be publicly visible.
  • If you have encountered a bug or if you want to request a new feature, please start with searching for existing requests similar to yours. If you find an existing request, you can upvote it, which would automatically subscribe you to any updates to this request.
  • If you have experienced a bug that had not yet been reported, please file a bug report in the issue tracker.
  • If you want a new feature to be implemented that had not yet been requested, please file a feature request in the issue tracker.
  • For any other support questions and inquiries, or in case you'd like to keep your request private, please contact AppCode support at
  • With pricing inquiries, requests for quotes and other sales-related questions, please contact JetBrains sales.