Enterprise Server License

Enterprise Server license grants you the right to:

* Build agents included with your Enterprise Server license can't be transferred to another TeamCity server.

If you require more additional build agents for the same TeamCity server or for another TeamCity server, you should purchase additional Build Agent license for $299. Each purchased Build Agent license connects 1 additional build agent to Š°single Enterprise Server.

Software Upgrades

A new Enterprise Server license includes Upgrade Subscription qualifying for free upgrades to any new TeamCity released during the 1-year period following the license purchase. To continue upgrading your TeamCity Enterprise Server after that period, you will need to renew Enterprise Server Upgrade Subscription. If you use additional build agents with your Enterprise Server, you will also need to renew your Build Agent Upgrade Subscription to ensure compatibility of your build agents with your Enterprise Server.

Your new Upgrade Subscription term will commence from the expiration of your previous Upgrade Subscription term regardless of the actual subscription renewal date.

Technical Support

Enterprise Server license entitles you to the following maintenance and support services:

For more details, please see the TeamCity License Agreement.