Extensibility and Customization

Service Messages

Service message is a specially formatted line of text in the build output which makes the server perform some actions.
Here are just a few things you can do with their help:

  • set the status (build failure or success), and change the build status text;
  • publish artifacts during the build;
  • report successful, failed or ignored tests and custom statistics values.

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Third Party HTML Reports

If your reporting tool produces HTML reports, you can easily add a new tab to the Build Results page that will display the report.


REST API is another simple way you can interact with TeamCity.

Manage users, projects, builds or artifacts from your scripts, easily integrating TeamCity into your environment

Plugins List

Plugin Management

TeamCity provides dedicated options to manage your list of plugins. Disable or delete your plugins in the UI, and upload new ones. When uploading a plugin, TeamCity will offer a server restart from the UI.

Plugin Development

Over 300 ready to use plugins are already available. If you still want to create a new one to make TeamCity even more powerful, use OpenAPI to implement it.

With Open API you can develop integration with version control systems, issue tracking systems, build tools, IDEs, notification programs and server health reports.

Installing Plugins

Install Plugins from the Plugin Marketplace

Browse and install plugins in TeamCity directly from the JetBrains Plugin Marketplace. No server restart is needed when a new plugin is installed.