User Management

Audit of user actions

Audit of user actions

TeamCity logs user actions into the Audit log.

This log is a great time-saver if you need to discover who deleted a build configuration or project, assigned a role to a user, added a user to a group, and so on.

User Authentication

TeamCity supports many authentication schemes including Windows domain and LDAP.

Even more: you can easily migrate from one authentication scheme to another or mix these schemes together, using all of them at once.

2020.2 Starting with 2020.2, TeamCity now supports authentication using external services: GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

User groups

TeamCity users can be organized into groups and can be assigned privileges. Once included in a certain group, a user gets all the roles assigned to the group.

Groups support hierarchy which simplifies user management for large companies.

User Roles

User Roles

Each user plays one or more roles in your company. The same is supported in TeamCity: you can assign different roles to users in different projects.

If necessary, standard roles can be edited or new roles can be created.