Space EAP

The integrated team environment

Built with Kotlin

IntelliJ-based IDEs

Family of capable and ergonomic development environments

Free for education and open source projects

ReSharper Ultimate

Essential productivity tool set for .NET developers

Free for students and teachers


Multiplatform programming language

Toolbox App

A control panel for your tools & projects


Sep Developer Ecosystem 2019 infographic

DaH laD

chaH chenmoH JetBrains tools creative: reH vI'Iprup 'ej vaQ tu' law' qo' rav dynamic wey nuv DanoHmeH nuv je.

users trust our tools

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Developers lo'taH

wa' Dochmey .NET developers choH (ReSharper) jISuvvIpbe' teq.

David Starr, Healthwise

qatlho' vIq incredibly QaQ product (TeamCity) jIHMej vaj ngeD lo'.

Tim Kent, BNP Paribas

YouTrack ngaDmoH 'ej consistent product. mIp functionality, speed 'ej efficiency lo'laHghach maH.

Marvin Burman,

lo' tools Hoch rIn qo' qaStaHvIS 'op wey best-known.

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