Globally yIvoqQo'

chaH chenmoH JetBrains tools creative: reH vI'Iprup 'ej vaQ tu' law' qo' rav dynamic wey nuv DanoHmeH nuv je. products, 'ej 100,000 muv chonayta' lo' rIn 8,000,000 developers Hoch jar.

wey mIvDaq 100 95, wey mIvDaq Global 100 79 je 95 wey forbes yor 100 Digital SuvwI' jetbrains customers.

Customers lo'taH

Hem qaStaHvIS roD developers QaH 'ej software chenmoH latlh 300,000 wey je bel.


Greg Witkamp

It was pretty clear after a couple weeks that we would’ve been drowning in chaos if we didn’t use YouTrack.

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Stephan Hochdörfer, Head of IT Business Operations

PhpStorm QutwI' codebases ngeD chIj yIteb 'oH, ghotvam'e' especially handy vaj chen maH rIn nIv'e' jInmol customers.

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Radoslaw Holewa, Co-founder and CTO

Upsource can give you and your team a huge quality and knowledge expansion boost.

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What Developers Say

Marvin Burman
YouTrack ngaDmoH 'ej consistent product. mIp functionality, speed 'ej efficiency lo'laHghach maH.
Marvin Burman,
Frans Bouma
qaStaHvIS Rider, neH focus jIH Qap je ngoq Hoch vaj, instead of IDE Suv. qaStaHvIS .NET ngoq ghItlh yImaq nobHa' jIHvaD Rider.
Frans Bouma, LLBLGen Pro
Mary Grygleski
IntelliJ IDEA is undoubtedly the top-choice IDE for software developers.
Mary Grygleski, IBM
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van'a' Recognition je

Qapta' jetbrains rIn van'a' international industry 80 qaSchoH tlhe' vatlh DIS.

Best Innovation in Mobile Development 2020 Award

Qaghbe'meH chab neH Mobile Development 2020

General Development Tools Award

peQ Development Tools (IDEs DaH nobvam)

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Award

software waH 'eb 'ej So'meH laHlIj Assurance

Qaghbe'meH Software wey 2019

50 Products 'entepray' 2019 yor

2019 Tools nIvbogh chab neH ngoq

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