productive Java

Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA has been designed to maximize developer productivity.

Together, intelligent coding assistance and ergonomic design make development not only productive but also enjoyable.

tour SuD

tISchoHlaHbe'bogh intelligence

qaSpu'DI' ngoq Hal indexed IntelliJ IDEA, blaze nom 'ej val SIQpu'bogh offers 'oH pong relevant suggestions nob qaStaHvIS Hoch context: instant 'ej val ngoq completion,--puv ngoq poj je reliable refactor tools.

---box SIQpu'bogh

Qu'-critical tools such as integrate version SeH pat 'ej tev Sar, ngaq Hol frameworks 'ej Hoch ghopDu' — pagh plugin qay' DaH nobvam.

val ngoq completion

wa'vatlh pong Segh, methods, yotlh, 'ej keywords 'emvo' visibility scope chup basic completion, wa'DIch neH Segh 'e' pIH qaStaHvIS Qu'mey potlh context DeghwI' chup val completion.

framework-specific boQ

wa'vatlh IntelliJ IDEA IDE Java, je yaj wa'maHcha'logh val ngoq boQ DuHIvDI' yIteb Sar such as sql, jpql, HTML, Javascript, etc., Hol latlh vabDot injected Hol mIS je 'ang qabDaj vaj SIrgh qaStaHvIS ngoq Java literal.

productivity boosters

nIS predicts 'ej Qu' development DaH 'ej repetitive, automates vaj SoH laH 'emDaq focus mIllogh tIn IDE.

developer ergonomics

qaStaHvIS Hoch chut lulajpu'bogh implementation 'ej decision maH San, bISuDqu' 'e' developer flow qagh pol qaStaHvIS yab chavmeymaj nIvbogh eliminate pagh 'oH minimize Qu'.

context pab je qem woDDI' correspond tools automatically IDE.

unobtrusive intelligence

'oHbe' ngoq boQ neH IntelliJ IDEA vIHtaHbogh neH editor: SoH 'emDaq productive HeghDI' je latlh aspects Hoch toH Ha' QaH 'oH: e.g. chaw'nIS yotlh, searching rIn tetlh elements; tool Qorwagh naw'; pagh setting toggling, etc.

built-in tools 'ej
Qutlh frameworks

built-in tools

built-in tools

  • tools qach
  • version SeH
  • HTTP Client
  • tools qoghDu'DajDaq
  • decompiler
  • coverage
  • database tools ghap sql
jvm Hol

jvm Hol

  • Java
  • scala
  • groovy
  • Kotlin
'entepray' frameworks

'entepray' frameworks

  • wepDaj
  • Java ee
  • micronaut
  • quarkus
  • helidon
  • play2
  • grail
mobile development

mobile development

  • android
  • Sung SoQHommey
  • cordova
  • ionic
'ej bebvo' development

'ej bebvo' development

  • Javascript
  • typescript
  • HTML css 'ej
  • node.js
  • angular
  • SoQHommey
  • vue.js
Hoch features tu'

Java 14

This new version adds support for Java 14, including code insight and smart features for Records and Pattern matching of instanceof.

Dataflow analysis in the debugger

The debugger can now predict and alert you to possible exceptions and true / always false conditions based on the current state of the program’s execution.

Frameworks and technologies

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has enhanced its support for Spring WebFlux, many microservices frameworks, RxJava, OpenAPI, the HTTP Client, and Selenium.

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