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Plug-in ghItlh

SachchoHghach'a' weghbogh 'ay' ngoq DuywI' functionality chel IntelliJ IDEA, ghaq nIvbogh wa' pong plug-in ghItlh. plug-in laH submit SoH IntelliJ IDEA plug-in repository, 'oH chenmoH lupoQ users IntelliJ IDEA Hoch. HeghDI' plug-in ghItlh, rIn ngoq SeH ghaj 'ej jIjangnIS contribution agreement qI' nIS. vIHtaHbogh plug-ins ghItlh latlh De', vISuch plug-in development documentation.

patch submit

If you would like to improve the code in the IntelliJ Platform or the core functionality of IntelliJ IDEA, you can submit a patch in IntelliJ’s YouTrack bug database. laH vo' vImughta' chu' wanI'vammo' tlha' teywI' je patch attached, pagh patch attach wanI'vammo' tlha' submitted latlh user SoH. HeghDI' patch ghItlh, nuqneH chenmoH be toblu' IntelliJngoq GuIDElines.

Alternatively, you can fork the IntelliJ IDEA repository on GitHub and build IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. Make the changes in your fork and send us a pull request. patch review developer je vaj ghom 'oH laHlIj criteria 'ej ghoghmey maj leS ngoq, notified SoH vIHtaHbogh patch laj. qI' je bImejnIS contribution agreement in order to contribution naQ.

moj commiter

HeS direct nIH laH Soq nI' qun jenwI'-laHlIj patches submitting developers.

ghew ja' teywI'

poHmaj SuD teywI' 'ej SoHvaD QaHjaj ghu' developers ghew ja'. easiest contributions vutmeH SoH wa' ghotvam'e'. HeghDI' SoH je IDE platform pagh qay' tu', nuqneH 'oH ja'. chenmoH be De' DuHIvDI' SoH vIHtaHbogh environment (os, jdk version), mIw wanI'vammo' tlha', Hoch law' ghItlh description qay' reproduce. ghew qaStaHvIS laH teywI' SoH YouTrack wanI'vammo' tlha' tracker. pa' wanI'vammo' tlha' submitting, nuqneH nej chonayta' submit wa' qay' rap Del — pIj vaj wa', SoH Hot tlhab vote.

Triage nIv'e' ghew ja' QaH maHvaD

rIn DIS, wa'SanID wanI'vammo' tlha' IntelliJwanI'vammo' tlha' tracker submitted users. qawlu' applicable latest version IntelliJ IDEA, duplicates, pagh Saturjaj De' 'e' poQ law' unresolve wanI'vammo' tlha'. wanI'vammo' tlha' tracker pol team choSay'moHlaH 'ej lI' Hoch notifying vIHtaHbogh vIq wanI'vammo' tlha' Dotlh QaH comments mej.

jeS neH Community

Discussion Forum muv

discussion forum pov Hal users 'ej pa' technical discussions ghIq, yu' jang, pagh wanI'vammo' tlha' potential resolving 'arqon chu' Daj contributors.

Link to this page

mI' je product lo' 'ej ghaq rom'a' jInmol, 'ej wuv jInmol mInDu'lIj Hal vay' Qapla'. By linking to this page, you can increase the chances of a new user or contributor finding out about the project and joining the community. vaj SoHvaD Sey je vIHtaHbogh IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Hoch maHtaH, 'oH laH qa'ang pong maHvaD linking. jInmol logos latlh assets 'ej je lupoQ.

IntelliJ Platform IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 'ej num

HIboQ, platform IDE 'ej num pong blog, Twitter, facebook, lo' ghItlhvetlh magazine favorite lutu'lu'bej submitting. vaj pIm Hal mInDu'lIj community member, qatlh wej IntelliJ IDEA forums discussion pagh legh conferences mention? vaj IntelliJ IDEA parHa'ghachwIj, Qo' wItI'nISmo' 'uch-jatlh! IntelliJ IDEA lo' developers neH, caught ghew puS, vI'Iprup visible qapumchu'meH, latlh plug-ins jInmol, 'ej latlh chepmoH nom naDevvo' yIghoS community!

QaH ghoj latlhpu'

Documents ghItlh

reH repIH chu' ghItlhvetlh vIHtaHbogh IntelliJ IDEA features law' law' documentation IntelliJ Platform. laH tutorials, how-tos, sample applications ghItlh joq neH SIQpu'bogh SoH je IntelliJ Platform SoH. laH pagh blog website documentation publish pagh submit SoH DaqaSmoH request sdk Docs.

screencasts lIng

screencasts qen moj SoHvaD Qat je chay' tool lo' effectively cha' latlh developers mIw. laH screencast vIHtaHbogh bIH feature ta pagh case tu' 'ej 'oH SoH je community vIvut lo' SoH.