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Toolbox App

tools vu' mIw ngeD

tlhab. pat requirements

update nom 'ej Hergh

tools JetBrains vu' Hergh

  • jom
  • automatically update
  • together with IDE plugins update
  • wItI'nISmo' tetlh 'ej downgrade

poH effort 'ej toD leH IDEs pong patch pagh HIjmeH patches instead of naQ package download downloading. updates Hoch neH patmey lulo'ta' poStaHvIS ngoq not mev SoH.

nuq chu' legh

SoHvaD laD umqu' ghot latest features 'ej ghew-buSmoH'a' lIH vaj IDE ngejtaH 'oH update SoH 'e' yInISQo' Toolbox App.

multiple versions leH Dop pong Dop

puS versions rap tool DeS Hergh. releases JetBrains IDEs 'ej google Android law' nID 'eq naw' ghun ((eap)) wa'DIch 'ej qach Canary, laH je jom 'ej vegh Toolbox App updated 'oH.

mInDu'lIj jInmol instantly

Hoch jInmol legh fingertips je favorites yor 'emDaq. nom Search yotlh lo' chaH vItu' 'ej chaHvaD instantly qoD lugh IDE click Vas.

integrate je gitHub, gitlab, bitbucket pagh

extension jom google Chrome ghap firefox 'ej laH clone 'ej gitHub, gitlab, bitbucket pagh repositories poS lugh vo' browser.

poH effort 'ej toD
Toolbox App!

Vedran Pavic

vu' JetBrains tools chenmoH @jbtoolbox app tlhoS effortless! highly chup

vedran Pavic @vedran_pavic

Toolbox App naDev 'oH. pat requirements

System requirements

  • Windows: 64-bit Windows 8 or newer
  • macOS: macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer
  • Linux: 64-bit. x86, glibc 2.17 (ubuntu 18.04 pagh newer). Toolbox App is packaged in AppImage and requires FUSE to run. legh appimage wiki details.