Code review tool that understands your code

Code intelligence for Java, JavaScript, PHP and Kotlin.

Static Code Analysis

Upsource is the only code review tool that provides code intelligence on the server side. It is designed to make code reviews as efficient as possible by giving developers the same smart features they are accustomed to using in their IDEs.

Having IntelliJ IDEA in its core, Upsource boasts in-depth knowledge of Java, JavaScript, PHP and Kotlin code. Specifically, it can execute server-side static code analysis.

Similar to JetBrains IDEs, Upsource shows a code analysis status indicator that can be green when Upsource finds no code issues in the changed file, red when the file contains compilation errors, or yellow when warnings are detected.

Code-aware Navigation

In addition to code analysis, Upsource provides code-aware navigation and search for usages. This gives development teams much-needed additional context when reviewing code changes, as they can quickly see whether and how changed code is used throughout the project and take advantage of code analysis providing hints as to whether a revision potentially introduces dangerous changes.

Not only can you search for code usages in a given revision, but you can also compare code usages between revisions in Side-by-side diff view. Upsource will look for usages in both revisions and indicate which were added, which were removed and which remain unchanged between the two revisions.

The code intelligence features on the server side are currently available for projects in Java, JavaScript, PHP and Kotlin; however, as a general-purpose code review tool, Upsource can be useful to any developer team that uses Git, Mercurial, Subversion or Perforce, regardless of the language used.

Upsource also provides an IDE integration plugin that allows you to participate in code discussions and manage code reviews from the comfort of your IDE, taking advantage of the IDE features.

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