What's New in Upsource 2018.2

A fresh new look, commit messages in custom workflows, the ability to mark yourself as “out of office” and more

Free 10-user plan included


A fresh new look

Upsource 2018.2 comes with a fresh new look! We’ve implemented the latest version of the JetBrains design system to enable a consistent user experience across all web-based products developed by JetBrains.

Commit messages in custom workflows

You can now specify a commit message in the settings of the “Create reviews automatically” workflow. If a message meets the right criteria, a review will be automatically created. This feature extends the functionality of the custom workflows and will let you focus on your code without switching the context to create a review.

Out of the office

You can now mark yourself as “Out of office” to let your team know when you are unavailable to do code reviews. Automated workflows also honor this setting. So there are no more reviews piling up while you are away!

Review details tooltip

With this handy tooltip, you can now view the review details without going to the review page. This feature saves you time as you can get a quick overview of what’s happening.

Bulk remove revisions from the review

In the previous versions, if you wanted to remove multiple revisions from the review you had to select each of them one by one. Now it is possible to select multiple revisions from a review and remove them all at once.

Automatically move deadlines for reviews

If you set a default deadline for the review, it will now be automatically moved if new revisions are added or new reviewers join the review. You can choose the exact number of days you want to set as your deadline.

Java 9 and above

You can now enjoy syntax highlighting and code inspections in projects using Java 9 and later.

Other improvements

Upsource 2018.2 comes bundled with IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 and Hub 2018.3. We have improved the performance of Upsource and added support for servers running Mercurial 4.6 and newer.

Free 10-user plan included