What's New in Upsource 2019.1

A new type of review, the ability to manage review labels automatically, and other improvements


Merge review

A new type of review: merge reviews

In Upsource 2019.1 we have added a whole new type of review. Merge reviews let you check the changes that will be merged into the selected branch and find any conflicts before merging.

Manage review labels automatically

Manage review labels automatically

A new custom workflow takes care of adding and removing the review labels when reviews are created and revisions are added to a review.

Review description

Review description

You can now provide additional information about the changes and review objectives in the dedicated review description section.

Archive projects

Ability to archive projects

When a project is archived, Upsource stops polling the VCS repository for changes and disables the creation of reviews. By marking legacy projects as archived, you can communicate their status clearly to the people who view them and improve the performance of large installations.

Specify review deadline

Specify review deadline using working days

Weekends are now taken into account when setting a review deadline.

Webhooks for reactions

Webhooks for reactions

We have made webhooks available for the addition and removal of comment reactions.

Mention groups

Mention groups in discussions

Sometimes you need to get everyone’s feedback on a code discussion, so we have added the ability to bring it to the attention of the whole group.

Other improvements

Upsource 2019.1 comes bundled with IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 and Hub 2018.4. We have improved the performance of Upsource and added support for servers running Mercurial 4.9 and newer.