What’s new in WebStorm 10

WebStorm 10 strives to deliver everything you expect from the best web development IDE. The update brings improvements in language and technology support, fast performance, powerful new features and UI improvements.

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Language support

Improved JavaScript support

WebStorm 10 works much more smoothly with large projects after we’ve reworked support for JavaScript from the ground up. Enjoy faster code highlighting and code completion suggestions, as well as enhanced ECMAScript 6 support including module syntax.

TypeScript 1.4 and 1.5

Use the latest language features of TypeScript 1.4 including union types, let and const keywords, and more. Looking forward to TypeScript 1.5, WebStorm also adds support for its key features: decorators and ES6 modules.


TypeScript built-in compiler

WebStorm 10 can now quickly and easily compile your TypeScript code to JavaScript using its built-in compiler. All compilation errors are reported in the editor on the fly.

Application dependency diagrams

You can now visualize and explore your application structure with spy-js. The diagram shows how project files are connected with function calls based on the runtime data. The new feature works both for your client-side and Node.js apps.

Tracing languages compiled to JavaScript

spy-js adds support for source maps to trace TypeScript, CoffeeScript or ECMAScript 6 code transpiled to JavaScript. See the highlighted execution path and inspect object values right in the original file.

V8 profiling for Node.js apps

The new V8 profiling feature allows you to capture and analyze JavaScript engine CPU profiles and heap snapshots for your Node.js applications. Use WebStorm’s feature-rich UI to gain insight into the inner workings of your apps and optimize their performance and memory consumption.

Improved Grunt integration

Quickly navigate through the available tasks and run or debug any of them, thanks to the updated integration with the Grunt task runner. Enjoy a consistent experience whether you use either Grunt or Gulp in your project.

Live Dart analysis view

For your Dart projects, WebStorm now provides on-the-fly code analysis results, powered by Dart Analysis server. You can quickly look through the list of warnings and errors in your project in a tool window or see them highlighted right in the editor.

IDE improvements

Distraction-free mode

When you need to fully focus on your code, switch to the brand new distraction-free mode — a minimalistic UI with no toolbars, tool windows or tabs.

Simultaneous HTML tag editing

With this new editor feature, you simply edit an opening HTML tag and WebStorm will take care of the closing one. A real productivity boost!


  • Introducing HiDPI support for Windows and Linux
  • The Welcome screen and New Project wizard are now clearer and more friendly
  • spy-js receives advanced trace search and navigation features
  • All Scratch files can now be accessed and managed via the new Scratches tab
  • ‘Copy/Paste as rich text’ is now the default setting in the editor
Download WebStorm 10

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Versions History

WebStorm 9.0
  • Support for React and JSX
  • Advanced support for Meteor
  • Integration with Cordova
  • Gulp integration
  • spy-js for Node.js
  • ESLint and JSCS
WebStorm 8.0
  • Advanced AngularJS support
  • Spy-js, a JavaScript tracing tool
  • Multiple cursors and selections
  • Grunt and Bower integration
  • Support for CucumberJS test framework
  • Improved support of JavaScript modules
WebStorm 7.0
  • Integration of Karma, the JavaScript test runner
  • Built-in Terminal and npm
  • Support for Mustache, Handlebars and EJS
  • Coding assistance for Stylus
  • Improved JavaScript debugger
  • Presentation mode