WebStorm 7 — Everything you need, at your fingertips, without compromise

WebStorm 7 provides new tools to keep up with the latest and greatest web development innovations, helping you get more out of new technologies every day.

Major Additions

JavaScript Templates


Support for EJS is now available in WebStorm 7.

Enjoy EJS-specific syntax highlighting, typing assistance, formatting, and much more.


WebStorm now understands .mustache and .hbs files and provides formatting and syntax highlighting for Handlebars and Mustache templates, as well as automatic tag closing.


WebStorm 7 has initial support for the cutting-edge technology Web Components. You can create custom DOM elements and have WebStorm provide completion and CSS support for them.

Of course, you will also have full assistance with JavaScript and HTML while working on these templates.

Stylesheets and JavaScript

WebStorm 7 comes with basic support for Stylus stylesheet language. Here’s what’s available already:

  • code completion
  • formatting
  • syntax highlighting
  • automatic compilation to CSS

For a more complete experience with Sass, there is now support for Compass. It includes completion, resolving and finding usages for functions, mixins and variables from imported Compass files.

For simple and efficient testing of your JavaScript code, WebStorm 7 includes integration with the Karma test runner and the istanbul code coverage engine. Now you can run and debug your tests right inside the IDE and view results in a nice and visual format.

Built-in Tools

WebStorm now includes an integrated Node.js package manager npm to quick search for and install node programs.


To streamline your workflow further, we’ve added a Terminal window right into the IDE.


Major Improvements

WebStorm 7 provides support for the latest version of TypeScript 0.9 including Generics and enums. Support for languages like CoffeeScript and Dart has been improved, and there is now a new structure view for LESS and Sass CSS extensions.

Live Edit was completely redesigned to make it more coherent and predictable. Now it is available in JavaScript debug session only: page content will be automatically updated with your changes.

Improved JavaScript debugger (only Google Chrome and Node.js) now has a new Variables view and an Elements tab which allows you to inspect elements of the current web-page and shows its contents live.

The built-in REST Client added earlier in WebStorm 6 is now improved with added support for request history, import/export of XML files with REST Client Requests, and compressed responses.

IDE Improvements

The latest WebStorm makes integration with GitHub even better: now GitHub users can make pull requests right in the IDE with ease.

With the new Presentation mode, WebStorm 7 now gives you an opportunity to start a demonstration of your code and coding process with just one click.

Full screen mode is now available for all platforms. You can take advantage of this distract-less mode to dig even deeper into your code.

As always, all the covered improvements will also be available in IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm and AppCode, either out of the box or as a plugin, with the upcoming releases.