For over 10 years, JetBrains has been creating tools for software developers that help them be more efficient at their job!

Our Awards:

  • ComponentSource Top 10 Publisher Award
  • InfoWorld's 2011 Technology of the Year
  • SD Times Top 100 2008
  • Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Award 2010
  • Jolt Productivity Awards 2007
  • Best Java IDE, Editor's Choice 2006
  • Jolt 2006

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Our Customers:

  • Apple
  • Boeng
  • UBS
  • Siemens
  • Schlumberger
  • EMC
  • Teradata
  • Intel
  • Hewlett Packard

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IntelliJ® IDEA
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  • We offer variety.
    A wide range of tools that cover every aspect of a team's workflow: coding, debugging, static code analysis, unit testing, analyzing code coverage, bug tracking, continuous integration, performance and memory profiling.
  • We are platform independent.
    We have tools for .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. Today it is very common to have to work with multiple environments and platforms. Rest assured that when you have to switch, you have the advantage of a familiar development environment because our developer tools share the correct synergy.
  • We increase productivity.
    By focusing on making routine tasks more efficient, we increase developer productivity. Less time is spent on manual re-factoring. Navigating complex code bases becomes child's play. Static analysis helps find issues before they are even compiled!
  • We promote good design principles.
    JetBrains tools encourage developers to adopt good coding and design practices, resulting in a clearer and more maintainable code base as well as more robust applications.
  • We help enforce standardization.
    Following the same conventions and standards across teams can improve productivity by allowing all members to understand code better and be able to work more efficiently.
  • We have close relationships with our customers.
    Although we use our own tools in our own development workflow, it is impossible to cover all usage scenarios. Feedback is vital, and we actively seek and act upon it. Time and again our customers are amazed at just how quickly we implement their suggestions.
  • We are committed to helping you.
    Our support team handles any questions or issues you might have, and does so at no additional cost. You can reach us by e-mail, use our public bug tracker or even get in touch on Twitter. When you need us, we are there!