Installing YouTrack as a Windows Service

YouTrack EXE distribution bundles Apache Tomcat application server and JRE 1.6, that is: No pre-installed software is required to run YouTrack.

To install YouTrack as a Windows service, just run downloaded youtrack-xx.exe and follow instructions of the installation wizard.

Being JVM application, YouTrack uses only JVM memory. By default, EXE installation sets Java heap size to 512Mb. We recommend that you increase Java heap size as your database grows.

Important notes for those who upgrade YouTrack using EXE distribution

Windows services launch from specific user accounts, for example, on Windows XP, services run under user LocalService. When YouTrack is launched as a service, it looks for its issue database in the following locations by default:

That means, if you use the EXE distribution to upgrade your current YouTrack installation, then:

  1. Do not start YouTrack Service from the YouTrack Installation Wizard
  2. When installation is finished, open c:\<YouTrack installation directory>\webapps\root\web-inf\web.xml file and specify a path to your existing database via database.location parameter.
  3. When done, start YouTrack Web Server service via standard Windows Services tool.

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