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hackathon 2017

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Frank Kitton

What I think I do: Charismatic Front Man
What I really do: Senior Meta Developer

Born in Boston to a family of doctors, Frank has always been very serious and analytic. He is extremely introverted, adores following rules, and thinks that the world is all wrong.

Frank has a Computer Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is very proud of his diploma. He strongly believes that his mission is to change the world.

Alice Liddell

What I think I do: Geeky Girl
What I really do: Bioengineer

Born in Venice Beach, California, Alice is full of sun and life. She earned a Master's degree in Bioengineering at Stanford University. Apart from being crazily-passionate about bioengineering and new technology, Alice remains an artist at heart.

She plays the violin and adores Russian ballet, but tells everyone that she is into indie music. Her parents describe her as loving and gentle, and courteous to all. Her friends think that she is curious — wildly curious.

Jerry Smith

What I think I do: Creative Director
What I really do: Back-end Developer

Jerry has always been a poet and romantic. He dreams about space flights and believes that we're not alone in the universe. Sometimes, he doesn't understand why people don't share his worldview, relate to his emotions, or anticipate how he reacts to different situations.

Frank and Alice can gauge his moods and see things from his perspective, but they are more likely to be an exception to the rule. That's why the world needs Face CtrlAll!

FCA-1 created by Frank Kitton 5 days ago Updated by Frank Kitton 2 hours ago

Face CtrlAll Mission

The problem: The world is full of strange people who we need to interact with daily. When I talk to my boss, I can never tell if it is the right time to propose a new idea or complain about our stupid rules and processes. People call them emotions… whatever that means. My rules are simple to understand: follow procedure, tell the truth and share your opinion about everything with everyone. I don't get why other people can't just do it!

The idea: When I met Alice and Jerry, I realized that I'm not alone with my problem. I came up with an idea to create an app that recognizes emotions and suggests how to deal with a person who is infected by some stupid emotion.

The vision: I approach a team member to discuss his most recent (and stupid) code commit. When I scan him, the app tells me that he's frustrated with his girlfriend and is not able to digest my brilliant comments. So instead of wasting my time on him, I just smile and run!

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Project Face CtrlAll
Type Epic
Priority Normal N
State Submitted
Assignee Frank Kitton
Fix versions 1.0

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