What's New in YouTrack 2.2

Code Highlighting

Prettify — Code Highlighting

Make the code inserted into issue descriptions or comments readable — by highlighting it! We used standard google-code-prettify library for your code coloring, which by default supports C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby and SH.
This is a very cute feature in the spirit of Christmas — enjoy it!

OpenSearch Support

OpenSearch Support

Type your search query right in the address bar (in Google Chrome) or in the search bar (in other browsers) and navigate straight to your search results! This feature will be available in all browsers which support the OpenSearch technology: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Christmas Tricks

Christmas Tricks

We've sprinkled your YouTrack installation with small, unobtrusive Christmas 'tricks' that will make you feel Christmas coming closer and hopefully cheer up your team. We won't say a word more... download YouTrack 2.2 and find them all!

See also: complete release notes 2.2.1

What's New in YouTrack 2

Custom Attributes

Want to describe your issue in more detail? YouTrack 2.0 gives you the freedom to define which attributes to use and which type each of them should have.

  • Define your own custom attributes to add additional information about your issue, such as due date, complexity, hardware specifications, operating system, etc.
  • Customize attribute visibility: show certain attributes to everyone or to members of a specific group only.

Custom attributes are a true first-class citizen in YouTrack: all the functionality provided for predefined attributes is available for custom attributes as well, including import from JIRA, export to Excel, support in search queries and commands, and administration via REST API.

'Create Issue' Bookmarklet

Why bother opening a new browser tab just to file an issue? With YouTrack 2.0, you can add a "Create Issue" bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser and post new issues while staying exactly where you found them.


YouTrack introduces powerful functionality that helps you perform various actions programmatically via its RESTful API, including:

  • Importing issues from your current bug tracking system - for smoother migration to YouTrack.
  • Creating, modifying, and performing other operations programmatically - so you can seamlessly integrate YouTrack into your environment. For example, via automated issue submission from third-party applications.
  • Manipulating projects, users, groups, roles, issue link types, and custom attributes.

Read more about YouTrack REST API

Issue Visibility

YouTrack 2.0 introduces flexible access control by letting you strengthen permissions for individual issues that might contain non-public data. This is very useful for public tracker administration: from now on, if your users sometimes submit data that isn't meant to be public, no need to make the whole project private - just modify permissions on a per-issue level instead.

Attachment Preview

Full attachment preview is now available from the Issue List on mouse over the attachment clip.

You no longer need to open a separate window to view an attached screenshot or Flash movie.

User Visualization

To make your communication more effective and personalized, we've added some visual markers to the current user representation:

  • You can now view the current status (online or offline) of any YouTrack user, such as issue reporter, assignee or commenter, right next to his or her user name.
  • Visual association is established between users and groups by adding the group icon to user avatars. By looking at any avatar, you can see exactly which group that user belongs to.

Search Query Syntax

YouTrack thrives on powerful and efficient search. Based on customer feedback and our own experience, we've extended YouTrack search query language for even more intelligence and flexibility. You can also search for issues in these new ways:

  • By user group name: searching for "all issues fixed by developers last week" or "all bugs submitted by external users yesterday" is now a trivial task.
  • Over a single attribute value in multiple projects: among other benefits, this lets you specify a subsystem once and get search results from all projects where a subsystem with a given name exists.
  • Related to a user: find all issues that a user has ever contributed to (for example, submitted, changed state or commented).
  • By a custom range: find all issues fixed for a range of builds, or all issues with priority in a range from "major" to "show-stopper".
  • In all projects if nothing found in the selected project: if your search query doesn't return any results in the specified project, you'll be prompted to search in all projects.

Create/Edit Issue

There are a number of important changes in Create/Edit Issue functionality:

  • Wiki markup has been extended with table support.
  • Navigate from Java and .NET stacktraces to source code — simply paste the stacktrace in the issue description or comment, and YouTrack will automatically create hyperlinks to open the corresponding source files in your IDE.
  • Save comment draft: if an issue is modified while you're commenting it, you can refresh without losing your comment draft!
  • "Reshoot" button in the screenshot applet provides you with unlimited attempts at capturing screenshots.

Installation and Setup

Installing YouTrack 1.0 was in many cases as simple as double-clicking a JAR file. Surprisingly, we found a way to simplify the installation process even further:


  • YouTrack 2.0 introduces a new YouTrack distribution option: a Windows EXE file. Don't have Apache Tomcat or JRE installed? No problem: the EXE file bundles them both, and launches YouTrack as a Windows service!
  • We're now bundling a common evaluation license with YouTrack, and if you really need to extend your evaluation period, now you have that option.
  • Finally, YouTrack root administrator is logged in automatically on first YouTrack start. Anyone who has ever found himself puzzled over the default login/password pair in YouTrack will appreciate this.

See Installation Guide for details.

TeamCity Integration

Our customers are using YouTrack in more ways than we ever thought possible. With this in mind, YouTrack 2.0 suggests more ways to integrate with TeamCity — specifically, by mapping multiple TeamCity build configurations to a single YouTrack project, or integrating multiple TeamCity installations with a single YouTrack installation. Read more about TeamCity Integration.

JIRA Integration

JIRA Integration

YouTrack 2.0 supports integration with JIRA 4.1 out of the box! Have you upgraded your JIRA installation to the latest version? You can change your faith anytime and seamlessly migrate your issues and user access settings from JIRA 4.1 to YouTrack.

Hot Keys

YouTrack's keyboard-centricity hits new heights: with shortcuts introduced in YouTrack 2.0, you're able to:

Hot Keys

  • Focus on the first or last issue in a page.
  • Switch between Comments and Linked Issues tabs in full issue view.
  • Select issue ID and summary for a convenient way to copy/paste quick issue info.
    There are multiple other new shortcuts while some of existing shortcuts were also amended.

See updated YouTrack keymap for details.

Full Issue View

If you spend a lot of time working with individual issues using the full issue view, chances are you'll like the following usability improvements:

  • Search box is now included in full issue view, helping you start a new search session without dropping out to the list of issues.
  • The new Linked Issue tab helps you quickly find out which issues are linked with the current issue.
  • The merged History tab now contains comments associated with history items. For example, if you changed issue state and submitted a comment within a short period of time, the comment is associated with the state change and added to the History tab.

Notifications System

YouTrack 2.0 provides a more flexible way to customize notifications in a user profile:

  • You can use your own e-mail in the 'from' field of notifications - instead of the default e-mail.
  • You can customize actions that you would like to be notified of, for any saved search, both shared or private. For example, you can opt to receive notifications on "Reported by me" issues only when an issue is resolved, and not to be notified on each issue update.

User Interface

YouTrack 2.0 introduces a thoroughly reworked user interface! Based on feedback from our customers, we came up with new designs for a one-line issue list view, welcome screen, full issue view, matrix report, and release notes.