What’s New in YouTrack 4.0

Agile Project Management

Agile project management in YouTrack is designed to help Scrum teams plan, visualize and manage their work during a series of consecutive sprints. It also helps teams that follow a Kanban process to manage and measure their work flow on the board.

Scrum Process

Task Board

Visualize your daily activities across the board. Group your tasks in user stories by creating swimlanes. Estimate and move your tasks around the board.

Sprint Planning

Create a number of sprints and specify the duration of each one. Manage sprint planning by dragging your features and tasks from the backlog to the board.

Burndown Chart

Get a clear view of your team’s progress using the Burndown chart.

Kanban ()

Kanban Board

Kanban Board

Create different columns on the Kanban Board to represent different stages in the pipeline. Move your tasks around the board as you work on them.

WIP Limits

Define a maximum Work In Progress for each column to monitor the maximum number of tasks at any stage of your workflow.

Cumulative Flow Chart

Use the Cumulative Flow chart to see how the work is flowing through the system and to detect potential bottlenecks.

More Agile Goodies

Progress bar

Use the Progress Bar to check your current board progress at a glance. It shows the percentage distribution of tasks on the board by states, and gives a clear view of the current progress and remaining work.

Backlog management
Create Product and Release backlogs to manage your features and tasks for different projects, releases or iterations.
Your own personal board

Use advanced search queries to filter the items on the board, just like you normally do in YouTrack. For example, filter all unassigned issues (#unassigned) or those assigned to you (for:me).

Keyboard-centric board

YouTrack stays committed to supporting extended shortcuts. Use handy shortcuts to move the cards across the board, add, edit, delete swimlanes and tasks etc.

Prioritize features by using simple Drag and Drop operations. Use shortcuts to organize and modify the backlog on the fly.

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Notification Templates, Subtasks, etc.

Custom notification templates

Customize email and jabber notifications to suit your user communication requirements! Now you control what to tell users when a new issue is created, updated, commented or reassigned. Add your own subject, change the language, tailor the message text, and more, using the Freemarker templates.

Custom Notification Templates

Custom reordering of issues

Custom reordering of issues

Reorder in custom order any list of issues, including search results or saved searches. Save the search results to keep your custom order and share it with your team members.

Subtasks support

Create a subtask of any issue. Just add the parent/subtask link to the issue, or simply drag an issue up to the root or subtask level on the Tree-View mode of the Issues List. All tasks belonging to one swimlane on the board are shown as subtasks of the issue representing the swimlane in the Tree-View mode.

Global and personal context

Work with YouTrack in your personal context. Choose any pinned saved search, tag or project from the context combo box, and work in it until you manually switch to another one. If you need to filter issues across all projects in YouTrack, simply choose Everything as your context. Use the sidebar to pin and unpin projects, tags and saved searches, to keep your Context box compact.



Importing from AgileZen

Import your AgileZen users and projects with stories and tasks related to each story to YouTrack by using this Python script. By default each story is imported as a feature, and story tasks as feature subtasks. Read more →


Notifying users via comments

No need to add a user to the list of watchers to send a single notification. Now you can notify a user by mentioning his or her @username in an issue comment. Simply use Notify User Mentioned in Comment workflow from the Workflow Repository.

Silent commands

Sometimes too many notifications may irritate your customers and team members. Now you can apply a command without sending notifications at all.


We’ve added multiple enhancements to make it easier, faster and more efficient for you to work with YouTrack custom fields, customizable workflows, powerful REST API, and extended TemCity integration. You should also check out the fresh new look and feel.