What’s New in YouTrack 5

YouTrack 5.0 “Gentle” introduces localization, restyled UI, and ultimate Agile experience.

YouTrack Speaks Your Language.

We are thrilled to introduce the most wanted YouTrack feature ever (based on your votes):
YouTrack 5.0 is localized into French, German, Russian, and Spanish, and more languages are coming with further releases. If you can’t wait that long, you can even create your own translations.

Ultimate Agile Experience

Ultimate Agile Experience

Cross-project Agile board

Now you can decide what projects will be associated with the board. Just click “Create Board” and select the appropriate projects.

Board Based on Search Query

Fine-tune your board even further: enter a search query to narrow down the issues appearing on the board.

Personal Agile

Create and configure your own boards: choose projects, set visibility settings and define swimlanes.

Swimlanes Context

With even more flexibility in configuring the Agile board, you can set issue attributes as Swimlanes. For example, choose Priority field and its “Critical” and “Show-stopper” values as a Swimlane to focus on important issues, or choose the Assignee field to get an overview of each team member’s particular tasks.

New Backlog management

The backlog is now represented as a tree. Try Epics support, managing subtasks directly in a backlog, and the ability to drag subtasks to the board.

Column Visibility

Set board visibility on any board, whether it was created by you or shared with you. Choose what you really want to see and stay focused only on the column(s) that matter for you. The option works just for you and does not affect other users.

Multiple Boards

We shipped too many Agile board enhancements to stick with just one board. The sky is the limit for how many boards you can create and keep, so you can really track your projects in multiple ways.

Darcula TV Look and Feel

Darcula TV Look and Feel

The darker side of Agile has reached YouTrack: the new Darcula TV look and feel for Agile board is now available. Specifically designed for TV screens or meetings, it is sharp-looking and highly visible from a distance. Stay Agile. Choose your theme.

Similar Issues

Similar Issues

Say No to duplicates, thanks to the brand new Similar Issues tab next to the familiar “History” and “Linked Issues” tabs. Now while creating or editing an issue on the Full Issue screen, you can view a list of issues similar to the current one.

Renewed Screenshot Tool

Renewed Screenshot Tool

Hit me with your best shot! We’re sure you will, with the renewed YouTrack screenshot tool featuring a completely new look and feel, comments, new highlighting, and line-drawing.

Clone Issue

Clone Issue

A rookie on the team of powerful YouTrack commands. Select one or multiple issues and start typing “clone” to open the command dialog and apply the new command. Identical clones of any issue(s) will be created in the blink of an eye.

Wiki Markup

Be more convincing and less ambiguous with the new wiki markup for visual descriptions and comments: use HTML tags, mention users, and much more.

Database Performance

We’ve improved our database, internally engineered specially for YouTrack, to make it faster, smarter and safer for your tracking needs.