What’s New in YouTrack 5

YouTrack 5.1 introduces help desk support, @mentions, issue digest, archive projects and much more!

Send notifications to unregistered users

Involve your customers in the tracking process without registering a new user account in YouTrack. When a customer emails your support, YouTrack automatically creates a new issue and stores the reporter email (without creating a new user account). When a support engineer adds a comment or updates the issue, the customer gets email notification.

Any customer’s reply is automatically added as a new issue comment. This way your support team tracks all the customer requests in YouTrack (as fully-qualified users), while your customers receive emails with the info they need.

Send notifications to unregistered users

Archive projects

Archive projects

Want to archive projects you no longer work on? Doing so will keep your tracker clean and well-organized, with no risk of losing your data. The archived project will be excluded from the projects list, search results and auto-completion. Of course, you can unarchive a project any time you need it again.

Burndown chart gets weekends

Now YouTrack reflects the weekends on the Ideal burndown to let your actual progress (Remaining effort) graph approach the ideal one. Your Burndown chart becomes more realistic, keeping the ideal process on hold for the weekends.

Burndown chart with Time Tracking enabled

Burndown chart without Time Tracking enabled

Burndown chart for a cross-project Agile board

Spent time on Burndown chart

We enhanced the Burndown with a new Spent Time chart, calculated based on the work items logged for the sprint tasks. In an ideal Agile world, Spent Time chart is a mirror image of the Ideal Burndown. In the real world, it gives an idea of how realistic your estimation is. We also added Spent Time to the Remaining effort chart to make it go smoothly and reflect your real progress at the moment.

Mention user by @username

Using @username is the most popular way to reach a person in many apps. Now YouTrack supports this common scenario, with auto-completion and link to the user profile to help you reach the right person. You may choose to notify the mentioned @username, by using the brand new default workflow.

Reply to comment

A long issue discussion become easier to join with an option to reply to a certain comment from the thread. The original commenter’s @username is added to the reply, and the reply gets the original comment visibility settings. And that’s not it! Want to reply to a certain phrase? Select the text and click Reply to quote the selected text in your reply.

Reply to comment

Right-to-left (RTL) support

Everyone who speaks Hebrew, Arabic, Persian or any other RTL language will really enjoy RTL support in YouTrack. All issue fields, including summary, description, comments and the drop down lists support RTL. We also reorganized the basic UI elements and controls to improve usability for RTL languages. Simply enable the RTL Support in the system settings to apply the changes on the fly.

Issues list

Full issue screen

Per project notification templates

Want to approach your users from various projects in a different manner? Now you are free to configure custom notifications templates on the project level. You may set up multi-language notifications or completely redesign them for each project.

Issue digest

With a new Issue Digest notification scheme you receive a single notification when issue is created or updated. You may switch to an old Individual notifications scheme anytime to get a separate notification on every issue change.

Duplicate cluster digest

Get a single notification digest of changes made to any set of issues from the duplicate cluster by enabling a setting in your profile. You’ll get this kind of digest if you’re watching any issue from the cluster. You may also customize the duplicate cluster notification template just like any other template.

Workflow code in-place preview

You no longer need to run the Workflow editor to review the workflow source code. Simply click the workflow name and get the workflow rules code-preview right in-place.

Workflow code in-place preview

Flexible auto-watch (star) configuration

Now you control whether to star (auto-watch) an issue when you update it and/or comment it, and/or vote for it by tuning settings in your user profile. You may choose not to be added to an issue watchers list at all, unless you star it or someone adds you to the watchers list.

Flexible auto-watch (star) configuration

Drag attachments anywhere

Now you are free to drag a file to attach it to the issue description or comment — right from the issues list, full issue screen, or Agile board. To download an attachment in Chrome, simply drag it to your desktop.

Attach with Ctrl+V

The easiest way to attach a copied image to your issue is to paste it using Ctrl+V in issue description or comment. This feature is supported in Chrome and Opera (version 15+).

Speed-up issue history

Enjoy a performance boost even for the most complicated issue history, enriched with tags and work items changes. Renaming attachments is now also reflected in history.