IntelliJ IDEA Inspections List (632)

IntelliJ IDEA features high-performance dynamic code analysis engine that is capable of inspecting your Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML and other code on the fly.

With more than 600 inspections, IntelliJ IDEA can:

  • Find probable bugs
  • Locate "dead" code
  • Detect performance issues
  • Improve code structure and maintainability
  • Ensure the code conforms to guidelines, standards and specifications

Read the article Analyzing Code with IntelliJ IDEA (PDF format, HTML format) for more information about how to run and manage inspections in IntelliJ IDEA and get a broad insight into analyzing code with this IDE.

The complete list of IntelliJ IDEA code inspections is available below. Mouse over an inspection name to see its detailed description.

Method metrics

Serialization issues

HTML Inspections

J2ME issues

Java EE issues

Portability issues


Initialization issues

Google Web Toolkit issues

Security issues

Code maturity issues

UI Form Problems

Bitwise operation issues

Abstraction issues

Resource management issues

Declaration Redundancy

Finalization issues

Logging issues

Java language level issues

Encapsulation issues

Assignment issues

Control flow issues

Performance issues

J2SDK5.0 specific issues and migration aids

Internationalization issues

Naming conventions

Class structure

Class metrics

Code style issues

CSS inspections

Visibility issues

Struts Assistant

Numeric issues


Error handling

Cloning issues

Properties Files

JavaScript Inspections

Verbose or redundant code constructs

JavaBeans issues

Data flow issues

Plugin DevKit

Inheritance issues

Probable bugs

Faces Model

JUnit issues


Memory issues

Threading issues