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About Qodana

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Qodana is a code quality monitoring platform that allows you to evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract, or purchase. It brings into your CI/CD pipelines all the smart features you love in the JetBrains IDEs as well as project-level checks like clone detection and license audit.

Qodana provides you an overview of the project quality, lets you set quality targets, and track progress on them. You can quickly adjust the list of checks applied for the project and include or remove directories from the analysis.

Watch this video to get a quick Qodana overview.

Qodana at a glance

Qodana includes several command-line tools (linters) which provide project analysis locally or in any CI.

Every linter provides two types of output:

  • JSON files separately described per each linter in the Inspection results chapter

  • Web report for interactive results investigation and configuration adjustment described in UI Overview

The Qodana UI can be part of the CI user interface in case your CI supports the UI extension. If it doesn't, you can spin the Qodana UI on your own following the guidelines.


Qodana linters are supplied in the following distribution formats and web services:

Qodana playground

Qodana Playground is a sandbox environment which runs in the JetBrains cloud CI, TeamCity. You can use it to see Qodana in action and try various options yourself.

To view an example GitHub pull request verified by the GitHub Actions, see this GitHub repository.

Contact us

If you encounter a bug or would like to suggest a new feature, use the issue tracker or email the support team at qodana-support@jetbrains.com.

To actively participate in the Qodana community, join Qodana Discussions.

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Last modified: 21 November 2022