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About Qodana

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Qodana is a code quality monitoring platform that allows you to evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract, or purchase. It brings into your CI/CD pipelines all the smart features you love in the JetBrains IDEs as well as project-level checks.

Qodana provides you an overview of the project quality, lets you set quality targets, and track progress on them. You can quickly adjust the list of checks applied for the project and include or remove directories from the analysis.

Basic components

Qodana consists of these basic components:

  • Static analysis mechanism of Qodana means automated analysis of your codebase.

  • Linters are the components that let you analyze your code, find duplicate functions and incompatible licenses.

  • Code inspections are the linter components that immediately analyze your code for specific issues.

The diagram below shows how all these components are combined in Qodana.

Qodana concepts

Qodana workflow

The diagram below provides an overview to a typical Qodana use-case.

Qodana workflow

This diagram describes several steps:

  1. Set up Qodana using available options.

  2. Take all necessary configuration steps:

  3. Inspect your codebase using available linters and features. You can run Qodana either locally or within a CI/CD pipeline.

    Inspection results are available in these forms:

You can overview inspection results for all your projects using Qodana Cloud.

  1. Based on the inspection results, you can improve your code using your IDE, and run Qodana again to track the progress.

Setting up Qodana

Qodana provides several deployment options to better fit your needs:

  • Docker images let you inspect local projects and build Qodana into your CI/CD pipelines.

  • Integration tools include applications for seamless integration with CI/CD systems like GitHub and TeamCity, and instructions for configuring Qodana Docker images for CI/CD.

  • IDE Plugins facilitate code analysis within your favorite IDE.

  • Cloud service is a cloud-based version of Qodana.

Running Qodana

You can run Qodana locally in a standalone mode using a PC or a server. Alternatively, inspecting your code within a CI/CD pipeline means that your code will be inspected by Qodana as part of a building and/or deployment process.

Qodana Cloud

Qodana Cloud is a cloud-based solution that helps you accumulate various Qodana reports and track the progress in your project(s) from a single point. To learn more about Qodana Cloud, you can study the documentation.

Qodana playground

Qodana Playground is a sandbox environment that runs in TeamCity, cloud-based CI system developed by JetBrains. You can use it to see Qodana in action and try various options yourself.

Contact us

If you encounter a bug or would like to suggest a new feature, use the issue tracker or email the support team at qodana-support@jetbrains.com.

To actively participate in the Qodana community, join Qodana Slack.

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Last modified: 02 January 2023